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Lithuanian Military Website hacked to post false information

If we had to believe what we saw on Lithuanian Armed Forces website on Thursday morning, then the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an alliance of countries from North America and Europe committed to fulfilling the goals of the North Atlantic Treaty signed in 1949, is preparing for the annexation of Kaliningrad, Russia’s seaport city which is sandwiched between Poland to the south and Lithuania to the north and east.

However, Victoria Cemenite, spokesperson at the Lithuanian Defense Ministry, confirmed that the website had been hacked and that the false information has since been removed by the security experts from the National Cyber Security Centre.

And an investigation has been launched.

The ministry said a private company, which provided server for the Army website, is responsible for its maintenance and security.

Baltic country's National Defence Minister Juozas Olekas says that the hacking attack was aimed to harm the reputation of Lithuania and the NATO. Similarly, security measures will be taken to avoid vulnerabilities.    

“We are carrying out an investigation to identify what measures are necessary to avoid such incidents in the future. The contents was provocative and aimed at discrediting Lithuania and NATO," Olekas told journalists on Thursday.

“It is undoubtedly an initiative of people or institutions unfriendly for Lithuania and NATO. Now, both the sides are improving, hackers and institutions in charge of cyber security. It will be a good lesson for future considerations of additional security measures.”

Conservative MP David Morris official website hacked

David Morris, MP for Morecambe & Lunesdale , said his website( has been hacked by a hacker group claiming to represent "Freedom for the Mujahideen".

AS the result of the security breach, the site is taken down by the officials. The spokesman said it had been deleted as hackers had posted an offensive video which "we wouldn't want people to see".

"I was shocked to discover that my website has been hacked" Mr. Morris said.

He also added that he alerted the company who host his website as well as Lancashire Police.

mp site hacked and defaced

"My website has been hacked, currently working on the situation please e-mail or telephone until further notice. " The tweet posted by Mr. Morris reads.

A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police said that they have received a report from a complainant relating to a website and an investigation is under way.