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Interactive YouTube API Demo Beta Vulnerable to XSS(Cross Site Scripting)

Some white hat hacker named as "Vansh Sharma" discovered the XSS vulnerability in Interactive YouTube API Demo Beta .

The keyword field is vulnerable to XSS .

  • Open
  • Enter script
    <img src="<img src=search"/onerror=alert("xss")//">
    in the keyword area.
  • Press ADD
Vulnerability Status:
  • Type: XSS
  • organization:
  • Status: UnFixed

    Microsoft's Official Youtube Channel hacked and All videos deleted

    Microsoft Official Youtube Account is hacked by Unknown hacker. He removed all videos from their channel. Hacker uploaded four videos , all time-stamped within two hours.

    A fifth video was apparently removed.. The video, “Garry’s Mod – Escape the Box,” featured what appeared to be an animated gunman shooting at the inside of a construction box.The channel’s description reads, “I DID NOTHING WRONG I SIMPLY SIGNED INTO MY ACCOUNT THAT I MADE IN 2006 :/"

    Now Mcirosoft recovered the account and uploaded videos back. Still they didn't find how hacker hacked it.


    Can't Believe this: A Hacker called dr@g has Hacked Guadeloupe  Google / Microsoft/ Motorola / Orange / Facebook / Youtube / Myspace / Live / Hotmail / Bing / Visa / Opera / Gmail / Joomla / Ubuntu / Internet / Bank America and Defaced them. The Hacker is in the team called Moroccain Security Cr3w.
    Looks like DNS Hijacking(but not sure).

    Hacked Site List: