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WeLeakInfo's Customer Records Leaked was an information breach notification service that was permitting its clients to check if their credentials have been compromised in information breaches. The service was guaranteeing a database of more than 12 billion records from over 10,000 data breaches. In mid-2020, a joint operation directed by the FBI in coordination with the UK NCA, the Netherlands National uPolice Corps, the German Bundeskriminalamt, and the Police Service of Northern Ireland resulted in the seizure of the domain. 

The U.S. Department of Justice in January declared that it seized, which existed since 2017. The site sold different subscription levels, making it workable for scammers to access and look through the database. Two 22-year old men,, one in the Netherlands and the other in Northern Ireland, were arrested in connection with running the site, as per the Dutch media source 

The site additionally vowed to alert members if their own data was stolen and uploaded to the database, with a feature called “Asset Monitoring.” “Get notified when your information is detected in a data breach,” the sales pitch said, according to an archived version of the homepage. “Stay one step ahead of hackers.” 

Weleakinfo, and other sites like it, basically work as a noxious variant of HaveIBeenPwned, a database where guests can check if their data has been compromised. HaveIBeenPwned permits clients to decide whether an email address has been included for different information breaches. 

Security specialists from Cyble saw that a member from a hacking forum professed to have registered in one of the domains of WeLeakInfo,,, which was enlisted again on March 11 2021. At that point, the actor made an email address for the domain and utilized it to get to the account of the cybercrime group registered on the payment service Stripe. The admittance to the Stripe account permitted the actor to get to clients' details, including email, address, partial card details, and purchase history. 

“The WeLeakInfo operators allegedly used the domain’s email address for payments via Stripe, the actor claimed. The actor claimed to have registered the domain and then created an email address on the registered domain used in their Stripe account gaining access to WeLeakInfo customers details.” reads the post published by Cyble.

Website Puts 12 Billion User Records Up For Sale and Gets Seized By US Authorities

Are you fond of buying stolen'/leaked data? Because, one such domain, named ‘’ recently got seized by the US authorities.

WeLeakInfo, with its absolutely convenient name, had been selling stolen data from other hacked websites, online for the past three years.

The website provided an online service where hacked data was made available to people willing to pay for it.

Per sources, hackers were made available people’s “cleartext passwords” which aided them to purchase a subscription on the site in order to attain access to tons of user credentials.

Apparently, this illegal website was doing so well that it had gotten quite a popular fan-base for itself in the hacking “underworld”.

Reportedly, people were even providing them with consignments to execute recon on targeted individuals and organizations alike.

The modus operandi was in the way, that hackers would buy access to the site. They’d then search for names, emails and usernames of people they want to hack. The site would come up with results in the affirmative as to in which data breaches exactly were the required user’s data available.

The hackers would then have complete access to people’s passwords which they could easily run against that person’s other online profiles as well.

The cost of the website was incredibly low making it easily accessible to all sorts of hackers of all sorts of abilities and financial attributes.

Reportedly, for a lowly amount of $2/day hackers could fully wring the website for unlimited searches for any user’s data which was ever in a data breach.

During the silence before the storm period, WeLeakInfo was proudly flaunting on its website its expanded network of over 12 billion user records owing it to more than 10,000 data breaches, reports mentioned.

The storm hit and WeLeakInfo got taken down together by FBI, authorities from the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, the UK, and Germany.
Also, per sources, two arrests were made in the Netherlands and Northern Ireland each. Reportedly, the arrested suspects are allegedly staff members of the site.

After the US authorities took down “LeakedSource” in February 2017, “WeLeakInfo happens to be the second most major website to go down the same drain.

There still exist several websites that are providing people access to stolen data especially cleartext password, as you read this.

Per sources, similar websites, allegedly by the name of “Detached”, “Leak-Lookup” and “Sunbase” have been created on the model of a website “Have I Been Pwned” which is a website created by Australian researchers, per reports.

The model of the three websites and “Have I Been Pwned” may be the same but the latter never permits access to cleartext passwords.