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Update your Ubuntu 12.10 to fix the Linux Kernel vulnerabilities

Canonical on May 2 released security advisory to fix ten Linux kernel vulnerabilities that affect the Ubuntu 12.10 version. 

The list of vulnerabilities include Information leak in the Linux kernel's UDFfile system implementation ((CVE-2012-6548), Information leak in the Linux kernel's ISO9660 CDROM file system driver(CVE-2012-6549), Integer overflow in the Direct Rendering Manager (DRM), subsystem for the i915 video driver in the Linux kernel(CVE-2013-0913), Denial of service flaw in guest OS time updates in the Linuxkernel's KVM((CVE-2013-1796)).

Other vulnerabilities are Use after free error in guest OS time updates in the Linux kernel;s KVM (CVE-2013-1797), Flaw in the way KVM emulated the IOAPIC (CVE-2013-1798), Escalate privileges vulnerability in the Linux kernel's ext3 filesystem(CVE-2013-1848) , Buffer overflow was discovered in the Linux Kernel's USB subsystem for devices reporting the cdc-wdm class (CVE-2013-1860), information leak in the Linux kernel's dcb netlink interface (CVE-2013-2634) ,kernel stack information leak in the RTNETLINK component(CVE-2013-2635).

To patch these vulnerabilities, Ubuntu users are urged to update your system to the following package version: linux-image-3.5.0-28-generic 3.5.0-28.48 .

To update your system, please follow these instructions: