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Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Twitter account hacked

It's not usual tweet from Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop which suggest users to check out the post weight loss.

"LOL u gotta read this, its crazy [link]", " I'm laughing so hard right now at this[LINK]" these are one of the tweets posted from her account.

If you are regular user of E Hacking News, you would have already realized that this is nothing other than spam tweet.  However, most of people do not aware of that.

At first, i thought the link leads to simple weight loss spam website.  While analyzing few similar links, i found that some links are leading to a Twitter phishing page.

The JulieBishopMp account has more than 57k followers.  It means the phishing page has reached thousands of users.  We are not sure how many of them fall victim to these attack.

We already seeing plenty of similar fake tweets are being posted from several accounts(some accounts have more than 10k followers) which leads to the phishing pages.

Julie Bishop recovered and posted the following tweet:  "Yes my Twitter account has been hacked/compromised"

Beware of these new twitter phishing attack !  Share this post with your friends and make them aware about these kind of attacks. 

Another spam campaign that mistakenly mentioned @EHackerNews in Tweet

Today Another Twitter spammer mistakenly mentioned @EHackerNews in his spam tweet.

"girl you are so @BarbieGirlo** @EHackerNews fine" The spam tweet the mentioned me reads.

Some other spam tweets posted by spammers:  "you @BarbieGirlo14 @[victim] are so sexy"

"you are @BarbieGirlo14 @[victim] beautiful "

I've just try to follow the main account of the spammer 'BarbieGirlo14'. As usual, the spammer account has a link that helps spammers to make money.

"My nicknames Barbie and Im an open hookuper. I like to have fun online and off. If your interested click the link below and my profile on there is BarbieL0123 [LINK]"

The link just directs me to  'dat**.lightho**.net'. The link further redirects me to 'pkmtr**.com'. Finally i was landed in a scammy adult dating website "justhoo**.com"

I've just collected the list of Spam Twitter accounts  and posted here.