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Turkish Association of Enterprises with Public Participation website hacked by RedHack

Turkish Association of Enterprises with Public Participation's official website has been hacked by one of the famous Turkish hacktivist group "Redhack"

The website is showing the defacement page for more than 20 hours. At the time of writing, the main page( redirects users to the defacement page ""

The defacement page contains the names of individuals who died a victim of police violence during the recent protests.

Last month, the same group leaked documents exposing police officers who allegedly killed Turkish Protester.

RedHack leaked documents exposing police officers who allegedly killed Turkish Protester

As Turkish Protesters continue to be killed during the anti-government protest, the famous Turkish hackticist group, "RedHack" appear to be on a mission to expose those officers who responsible for their deaths.

Abdullah Comert ,a Turkish protester who was killed by police in early June at the beginning of the Gezi protests.

Red Hack has leaked a screenshots of documents that expose police officers who allegedly killed the Abdullah.

"Abdullah Cömert'in Katilleri:
1-  (Eğitim Alan) 2-  (Görevli)
3-  (Üç Katil)" RedHack tweet reads.

Lomonosov Moscow State University and Imperial College London hacked by @1923Turkz

*Update*:  @1923Turkz is fake claimer.  Sorry for this article.  Anyway, This article will be reference for his fake claim.

A hacker from Turkey using twitter handle @1923Turkz has breached the Two University websites from Russia and United Kingdom.

The database servers belong to the Lomonosov Moscow State University( and Imperial College London( are breached by the hacker.

The Database-dump taken from the Lomonosov Moscow State University contains usernames, encrypted passwords and email addresses. It also includes the admin login credentials.

The dump said to be compromised from the Imperial college contains First &Last names, email addresses, phone numbers.  There is no password leaked in this dump.

Turkish Ajan Hacker Group defaces MTV Taiwan and leak 500k accounts

Turkish Ajan Hacker Group has breached the official Taiwan website of MTV and managed to deface the main webpage (  Hackers also managed to extract the data from the target server.

EHN comes to know about this breach, when the hacker group sent notification to EHN via Twitter "Mtv Taiwan Hacked. 500+k account. File:  @EHackerNews".
As you can see from the tweet itself, the hacker claimed to have leaked more than 500,000 user accounts and provided the download link.

MTV Taiwan website defaced
The dump file,34MB RAR , contains four files : members.sql(115.1 MB ), account1.txt(18Mb), account2.txt(22MB), account3.txt(91MB).

The account1 file contains nick names, email addresses and other details.  The accont2 and account3 files contain the login ID, password(plain-text format), name, nickname, email address, and other details.

Members.sql contains the full dump of the Members' database. At the time of writing, the website still shows the defacement page.

Recently, the same group has hacked the Mcdonalds Korea, Nokia, Avast Germany and other top websites.

RedHack leaked documents from Turkish Council of Higher Education

The popular Turkish hacktivist , RedHack, has hacked into “online data sharing portal” of Turkey’s Higher Education Council( against corruption.  They have leaked compromised documents in pastehtml(

The hackers also defaced the websites the website with a photo of 8 mine workers who lost their lives in a mine accident and journalist Metin Göktepe whose 17th death anniversary due to police detention brutality coincided .

At the time of writing, The site is appeared to have been taken offline.  The mirror of the defacement can be found here:

The hack was announced on Twitter via RedHack official account:

Most corrupt institute of Turkey HACKED&Leaked- Council of Higher Education Mirror: … @AnonIRC @AnonymousIRC @EHackerNews

There are 14 documents listed in the paste.  Hackers leaked documents belong to Giresun University(, Adnan Menderes University(, Gazi University(, Hacettepe University(, İstanbul University(, Fırat Üniversitesi(

Other documents belong to Kastamonu Üniversitesi(, Uludağ University (, Marmara University(, Çukurova University(

Pakistani Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft hacked by Turkish Hacker group Eboz.

A Turkish hacker group called Eboz has hacked and defaced Pakistani high profile websites which includes Search Engine giant Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple, Visa, HSBC, Coca Cola, Blogspot, Sony, HP, eBay and PayPal .

The hackers has defaced,,,, and 279 other sites in Pakistan

"My homies in a friend always there for me. Have not shot by me with every breath" The message posted by hackers reads(translated).

The list of sites hacked and defaced:

Guess what?! The sites including Blogspot,paypal, fanta, Ebay, still displays the defacement page and we are not able to reach other sites.

It seems like hackers compromised the Pakistan's TLD operator PKNIC which administers and registers all .pk domains.

Hackers modified the DNS servers records such that it points to some other server, points to two nameservers, and

In case you are not able to see the defacement, you can see the Mirror of the defacement page here "".

Few days back, Pakistani hackers has defaced the high profile Israeli websites which includes BBC, Bing, Intel, Live, MSN, CNN, Skype,Xbox .

South Korean Domain Registrar Gabia, Epson,HSBC Korea Websites Hacked

A number of Korean websites, including Epson, HSBC and domain registrar Gabia, have been hacked, apparently by Turkish hackers.The state-run Korea Internet Security Agency has reported over 6,000 hacking incidents this year.

South Korean domain registrar Gabia has been hacked, exposing over 100,000 domains and 350,000 users.

The website of HSBC Korea was also hacked, paralysing it for over an hour — leaving customers unable to access their online banking.

Epson Korea said that its website was hacked, and warned users to change their passwords.

The hacker, known as ‘TG’ defaced pages with their Twitter account and picture.The Korea Herald says "Epson said it has failed to trace or identify the hackers." It is thought in some cases, data may have been stolen and widespread disruption to services caused.

South Korea has suffered many hacks as of late — with many concerned at the security of one of the world’s most Internet-connected country.

At the end of July, hackers exposed the information from about 35 million users of South Korean social networking sites.