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4 Subdomains of GigaByte Technology website defaced by TurkishAjan

The TurkishAjan hacker group has defaced four sub-domains of Gigabyte Technology - a Taiwan-based manufacturer of computer hardware products best known for its motherboards.

They didn't mention any specific reason for the attack.  The defacement page reads "Hacked by  Hacked by TurkishAjan. Bazen birseyleri degistirmek gerekir. Sometimes must be something"

The hackers also posted a download link of Gigabyte.rar file in their official twitter account along with the link to the zone-h.

"Gigabyte Hacked ! zone: file: #hack #news #gigabyte" The tweet reads.

Inside the rar file , there are xls files, Backup files and member.sql file. The member's database dump(member.sql) contains the employee full name, plain-text password, email address and other details.  The backup file dates to 2010 contains the website source code includes web-config file.

At the time of publishing the article, we are still able to see the defacement.  Here is the list of defaced sub-domains:
Mirror of the defacement:

Turkish Ajan Hacker Group defaces MTV Taiwan and leak 500k accounts

Turkish Ajan Hacker Group has breached the official Taiwan website of MTV and managed to deface the main webpage (  Hackers also managed to extract the data from the target server.

EHN comes to know about this breach, when the hacker group sent notification to EHN via Twitter "Mtv Taiwan Hacked. 500+k account. File:  @EHackerNews".
As you can see from the tweet itself, the hacker claimed to have leaked more than 500,000 user accounts and provided the download link.

MTV Taiwan website defaced
The dump file,34MB RAR , contains four files : members.sql(115.1 MB ), account1.txt(18Mb), account2.txt(22MB), account3.txt(91MB).

The account1 file contains nick names, email addresses and other details.  The accont2 and account3 files contain the login ID, password(plain-text format), name, nickname, email address, and other details.

Members.sql contains the full dump of the Members' database. At the time of writing, the website still shows the defacement page.

Recently, the same group has hacked the Mcdonalds Korea, Nokia, Avast Germany and other top websites.

Turkish Ajan Hacker Group hacks Panda Security Greece

The hacker collective known as 'Turkish Ajan Hacker Group' have breached one of the famous Internet security solution firm, Panda Security, according to Cyber war news.

Hackers breached the Greece based website '' and left it with a defacement.

This is not the first time Panda official site has been hacked.   Earlier this year(March), Antisec hackers has managed to deface multiple sub domains of Panda security.

At the time of writing, the site has been restored and redirects to it s main domain(

The mirror of the defacement can be found here: