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Government websites hacked, database leaked by TeslaTeam

 The infamous Serbian hacker group called as "Tesla Team" is targeting government websites belong to various countries.  The group has managed to find SQL Vulnerability in the target websites.

Affected websites includes Albanian Ministry of Economy Trade and Energy(, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of Ghana(,   Court of Bosnia( and

The hacker didn't deface any of the hacked websites.  He managed to extract the data from the target database servers and leaked them instead.

The dump contains username and password credentials stolen from the database.  The group also provided the proof-of-concept link along with the database dump.

Albania, Bulgaria government website hacked by TeslaTeam

TeslaTeam, one of the infamous hacker group from Serbia, has hacked into the Government websites belong to Albania and Bulgaria.

Bashkia Librazhd website of Albania( has been defaced the group with a simple text saying "Hacked by teslateam".

Hackers discovered a SQL Injection vulnerability in the, a website that provides biographical information about the Prime Minister and Ministers, programs, priorities, Press and links to various ministries.

The group has managed to exploit the vulnerability and extracted login credentials from the database server belong to

The leak( contains user IDs and hashed passwords that includes the credentials of admin account.

The group also discovered a SQL Injection vulnerability in the "University of Cambridge" subdomain( .

E! Online website hacked by Tesla Team

TeslaTeam, one of the infamous hacker group from Serbia, claimed to have hacked into one of the most famous celebrity fashion sites E!NEWS.

E! News is one of the high profile website that has alexa rank around 600, provides entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip.

The group has discovered a SQL injection vulnerability in one of the subdomain of E News(, the poc for this vulnerability has been provided along with the database dump(

The database dump contains the list of tables, username and password phone of admin and other users.

The same group recently hacked into the Vevo website and leaked the database.