Venezuela Government websites defaced by @LIberoamericaMu

A hacker with twitter handle "LIberoamericaMu" from Hack Argentino team, has gained access to multiple Venezuela Government websites and defaced them.

The hacker in tweet said the hack is for Anonymous Venezuela and said that it will be continued.

"This post is dedicated to all venezonalos, we will not allow this corrupt government dominates our way of thinking we are prepared to face them MATURE F*** YOU!! Cuba will not allow our country to dominate." The defacement message reads(translated).

List of hacked websites:

The group also hacked the sub-domain of the Venezuela Military website "".  At the time of writing, all of the affected sites still defaced.  

Union of Reserve Officers of the Armed Forces Argentina website hacked

Team Hacking Argentino has hacked into Sub-domain of Argentina Military "", a webpage used by Union of Reserve Officers of the Armed Forces Argentina.

The hacker group defaced the webpage with the following message(translated):

"Hacked By @ LiberoamericaMu And @ HackearArgentino Union Reserve Officers of the Armed Forces <-! Owned! Again, "

"we continue to demonstrate that security in Argentina no excite! A greeting to all the corrupt government of shit SYSTEM YOU PWNED! ;) Just modify the index does not remove any important file :)!"

At the time of writing, admin has managed to remove the defacement page.  The mirror of the defaced page is available at zone-h :

Official website of the Governor of Junin, Mario Meoni hacked

The Team Hacker Argentino and LIberoamericaMu has breached the official website of Official website of the Governor of Junin, Mario Andres Meoni and defaced the main page.

"No more insecurity in the village, no stupid laws in the world, without conflicts and wars greedy, achieved what we all want!, " The hacker wrote in the defacement page.

"The people are tired of governments and their laws, we are united and furious and we are beginning to act, because the people are free to all, without laws and without corruption!"

The defaced page: