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#OpIsrael2 : Team Danger Hackers decided to hack Israeli government sites on December 31

A hacker group called 'Team Danger Hackers' has initiated phase 2 of their 'Operation Israel' attack.  Hacker invites all anonymous hackers to attack the Israel websites.

"Operation Israel has been initiated to help the Gaza currently being annihilated by the sadistic forces of the IDF. It has also been initiated to destroy the Israeli network and preserve the Internet for the Palestinians facing persecution by the Israeli government." The hackers said in the Youtube.

In a Facebook event note, hacker posted the list of targets Israel Government websites , also a link to more Israel government websites. Hacker also pasted list of hacking tools that will help them to take down those sites.

The listed tools are Password crackers, Packet sniffers, Vulnerability Scanners, Exploitation tools.

In a separate paste(, hackers listed the websites that vulnerable to SQL Injection. There are more than 250 websites with a vulnerable link. There are two vulnerable Israel government websites.