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17-year-old arrested on suspicion of being TeamPoison member 'MLT'

a 17-year-old boy, believed to be known online handle "MLT" and to have acted as a spokesman for TeaMp0isoN, was arrested on Wednesday evening by British Police and is being questioned locally on suspicion of offences under the Computer Misuse Act.

Police seized computing equipment, which is now being forensically examined.

The arrest is part of an ongoing investigation by the Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) division of the Metropolitan Police into various hacking gangs.

The suspect is the third TeaMp0isoN hacker to be detained by UK police. Last month, The suspects, aged 16 and 17 were arrested after a denial-of-service attack on the MI6 hotline. One of the two is currently believed to be the group's leader, "Trick".

Team Poison is yet to release a statement on MLT's alleged arrest.

TeaMp0isoN hacked MI6 by launching a phone-based DOS attack

The hacktivist group 'TeaMp0isoN' hacked UK's Secret Intelligence Service,MI6 by launching an automated 24-hour "phone bomb" attack.

According to Softpedia report, the hackers used a cleverly developed script to make calls to the agency’s offices for 24 hours non-stop, basically launching a phone-based denial-of-service (DOS) attack.

This attack prevents any legitimate calls from getting through.  Each time an MI6 official answered the phone, a robot voice said "Team Poison,".

Following the phone bombing, Team Poison leader "TriCk" called the secret intelligence service directly to taunt it. In a YouTube video uploaded Tuesday, TriCk, speaking with a British accent, tells the MI6 representative, "You're being phone-bombed right now, mate."

"The Counter Terrorist Command has always targeted by TeaMp0isoN purely because they help lock up innocent people who they themselves label as terrorists with no proof at all, - but the reason behind the recent phone denial of service (phone bomb) targeted at their office in London was because of the recent events where the counter terrorist command and the UK court system has extradited Babar Ahmad, Adel Abdel Bary & a few others to be trialled in the US, and we all know how the US treats innocent Muslims they label as terrorists, e.g. - Aafia Siddiqui" Softpedia quoted TriCk as saying the reason for the attack.

Once again TeaMp0isoN Hackers Hit the United Nations website

Once again TeaMp0isoN hackers break into the United Nations( website and leaked the stolen data.  Last November hackers leaked the confidential data belong to members of the United Nations Development Programme in pastebin, includes email id, username and password. It seems to be they haven't patch the vulnerability.

A Hacker called Casi operating under TeamPoison break into the UN website and leaked the stolen data in pastebin. The leak contains the details about the UN database. Also ,it contains the vulnerable links of UN website.

"I f*** actually system... I fighting for Internet Freedom, equiality & rights for all. You're FREEDOM my brothers & my sisters ! <3" Hacker said in pastebin.

But the hack was really made byTeaMpoison’s Phantom ,he upload the document in pastebin as a private document, the Softpedia report says.

"I don’t know who the hacker is, but this is my release. I don’t know how he got hands on it. I worked 4 days to strip the databases again,” Phantom said.

United Nations Hacked by TriCk - TeaMp0isoN

TeaMp0isoN hacked United Nations Development Programme Website ( and leaked users data including username,passwords, the leak posted in pastebin . Unfortunately, the passwords are in plain text.  The passwords are 000,12345,ABC,123,welcome. 

Hackers Said:
A Senate for Global Corruption, the United Nations sits to facilitate the introduction of a New
World Order and a One World Government as outlined by Brock Chisolm the former Director of UNWHO
when he said:
'To achieve a One World Government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their
individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification'

The overseer of many atrocities from Rwanda to Darfour to the inaction in Yugoslavia to the creation
of the State of Israel and the disposition of the Palestinian people, the UN has become a beast that
must be stopped or tamed!

How far you have come from the first address by Thomas Jefferson where 'peace, commerce and honest
friendship' were the Modis Operandi to one today where talk of 'eliminating 350,000 people a day'
as outlined by Jacques Cousteau is a academic consideration.

The UN is a fraud! The bureaucratic head of NATO used to legitimise the Barbarism of Capitalist elite!

Conor Cruise said 'you can safely appeal to the UN in the comfortable certainty that it will let
you down' - never has a truer sentence been spoken......

United Nations, why didnt you expect us?

The Leak:

A spokewoman for the UNDP said the agency believed "an old server which contains old data" had been targeted.

"UNDP is taking action to close any vulnerabilities on our website," said Sausan Ghosheh.

TeaMp0isoN and Anonymous start Operation Robin Hood ~ #p0isAnon

p0isAnon: Anonymous Hackers joined with TeaMp0isoN and starts an operation named as "Operation Robin Hood" , an assault on banks that should see funds channeled back to the disenfranchised 99 per cent.

Operation Robin Hood is launched in support of those protesters at the Occupy sit-ins across the globe and anyone that has suffered at the hands of the banks. The two parties said that they will take money from credit cards and give it to those who have been cheated by the banks.

Here is the Video announcement:

The Transcript for the video:
Hello, we are p0isAnon. Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN have joined forces to fight censorship in the name of OpCensorThis. There is a new operation that has been taking place over the actions of Banks in response to the Occupy Movement. We have watched our brothers and sisters being refused their hard earned money by the banks on top of being beaten and brutalized by officers during peaceful demonstrations. Congratulations banks, you have gotten our attention.

You ignore your customers and use authorities to censor their voices. Operation Censor This will not stand for such acts and is spawning another operation under Operation Cash Back which already removed well over 500,000 accounts from banks and put them into credit unions. This is the next step. Banks have stolen millions from its customers as well as lacked the security to protect them. We give you Operation Robin Hood.

In regards to the recent demonstrations and protests across the globe, we are going to turn the tables on the banks. Operation Robin Hood is going to return the money to those who have been cheated by our system and most importantly to those hurt by our banks. Operation Robin Hood will take credit cards and donate to the 99% as well as various charities around the globe. The banks will be forced to reimburse the people there money back.

We are going to take what belongs to us. The Banks have thrown people out on the streets with corrupted actions. When the poor steals, it’s considered violence, but when the banks steal from us, it’s called business.

We have already taken Chase, Bank of America, and CitiBank credit cards with big breaches across the map. We have returned it to the poor (the TRUE 99%) who deserve it.

We have donated thousands to many protests around the world. We have donated thousands to the homeless and other charities. Our government has fallen short in many ways. It’s time for the people to step up. We are finished depending on our government to do right by us. How safe can the banks be keeping you when we are easily able to steal thousands already. You have the benefit of us being the good guys.

We are not afraid of the Police, Secret Service, or the FBI. We are going to show you banks are not safe and take our money back. We are going to hit the true evil while not harming theirs customers and helping others. We are not only starving the banks but are ready to start the attack. We have come to take the 99% ‘s money back. We are not asking permission.

Let’s see how Banks like paying out money like they made us do. Is it called stealing when one takes what was theirs in the first place? Is it called stealing elections when banks are funneling our millions into paying off congressmen and lobbyists. It’s time for the banks to pay for their crimes and corruption. We are not waiting for our government to step up and take action. It’s time for the banks to pay for not protecting you and only causing harm. But why feel sorry for them while they make us pay every day? Make us over pay for their services? Make us pay all their little charges? Operation Robin Hood urges YOU, to now move your accounts into secure credit unions, before it’s too late while we hit them from the inside.

We are going to make the banks deliver your money back to you with a smile on their faces and hate in their heart. The only fraud happening has been the actions of the banks frauding the people. It’s time for the banks to do business with Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN. And one of us is not as harsh as all of us. We are looking forward to start doing business with you pigs.

How loud will you squeal when the same is being done to you? We will avenge every person banks turned down and stolen from. Join us in Operation Robin Hood. Take from the banks and give to the poor. Our actions will be swift. It’s time for the people to rise up and the banks to remember who they work for. It’s time we fight back. It’s time YOU take back your freedom. We are done asking politely.

Banks, you have got the attention of the Hydra of the internet that has grown fangs of poison.
The only question now, is do they expect us?

We are p0isAnon
We are Robin Hood
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

Operation Robin Hood… fully initiated.

International Foreign Government E-Mails Hacked by TeaMp0isoN

A hacker named as "Hex00010" , a member of Hackers Team "TeaMp0isoN" hacked about 200 emails accounts of International Foreign Government. He released the all database in pastebin. They got these email database by hacking into , website of Parliament of Australia (  and some other sites.

The City Of Rennes (France) Hacked against Anti-Islamic government of France

A hacker TeaMp0isoN hacked official website of The City Of Rennes (France).

Hacked site:

Hackers Message :
This defacement is a digital protest against the banning of "Islamic" prayer in public and the banning of the burqa in France, everyone should have a right to practice their religion, you allow Christian preachers to stand in the public and preach to the public but u don't allow Muslims to pray in public? You allow women to walk around half-naked but you don't allow Muslim women to cover their body? Shame on you france, Muslims are people too..


CSLSecurity website Hacked by TeaMp0isoN~Hackers hacked by Hackers

Cslsecurity is defaced by TeaMp0isoN. CSLSecurity is one of hackers group. They claim to be "New Lulsec "group.
Hackers group hacked by hackers group.

Hackers(TeaMp0isoN) to hackers(CSLSecurity):
CSLSecurity = Cant Stop Laughing Security?..... oh the irony... DDoSing Random Sites does _NOT_ make you hackers.
TeaMp0isoN: TriCk -iN^SaNe - Hex00010 - MLT - C0RPS3 - BlackHacker -
4ll j00r sh1t r b3l0ng t0 u5! - w4tch 0ut f0r TeaMp0isoN Issue3, CSLSecurity will be f34tur3d!

hacked website: