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Notorious Stuxnet malware infected Russian Nuclear Plant, claims Eugene Kaspersky


The notorious Stuxnet malware which is widely believed to have been developed by US and Israel to target Iran Nuclear plants, managed to "badly" infect the internal network of Russian Nuclear power plant.

Eugene Kaspersky, founder of the Russian antivirus company Kaspersky, said a friend of him working at unnamed nuclear plant told him that their nuclear plant network was disconnected from the internet which is badly infected by Stuxnet.

"So unfortunately these people who were responsible for offensive technologies, they recognise cyber weapons as an opportunity." SC Magazine quoted Kaspersky as saying.

"All the data is stolen," Kaspersky said. "At least twice."

This is first time the Stuxnet infects the major nuclear plant outside of its intended target in Iran.

Stuxnet worm Created by NSA and Israel, Says Edward Snowden

While it's been widely speculated that the notorious computer worm Stuxnet was the result of partnership between US and Israel, the famous NSA Whistleblower "Edward Snowden" has confirmed it.

Stuxnet was a highly-complex malware discovered in 2010, used as cyber weapon against the Iran's nuclear program.

Snowden answered a few interesting questions in an Interview had with Germany's Der Spiegel Magazine.

When Interviewer asked about the NSA involvement in Stuxnet, Snowden confirmed that saying "NSA and Israel co-wrote it".

When asked about German authorities involvement in NSA surveillance system, Snowden confirmed that saying "Yes, of course. We're 1 in bed together with the Germans the same as with most other Western countries."