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Doosra is Helping to Create an Alternative Digital Identity


Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other online media platforms have been approached to verify the identity of their users — this could be either through telephone numbers or government-provided IDs like the Aadhaar card. Putting your number online isn't only a danger even with expanding government observation. It is additionally about security and online safety since personal data can have in-real-life (IRL) outcomes like being targeted by stalkers, trolls, or individuals looking to hack into your account. “Where there is personal data, there is a great risk of hackers trying to steal it,” pointed out Mozilla in a statement. 

An Indian start-up situated in Hyderabad called Doosra has a potential solution. It will provide you with a 10-digit virtual telephone number (without another SIM card) that can be shared with shopping places, stores, and more arbitrary places. Along these lines, all the spam calls and messages with offers will be coordinated to the virtual number and your own number will stay liberated from spams. You will be able to stay hidden when you choose to call back an unknown incoming number without revealing your phone number.

“The only people that will have any kind of access to your primary number would be if we got an executive order from the official authorities,” Aditya Vuchi, founder and chief executive of Doosra said. This implies that if your social media handle is discovered to be a part of any activity, which abuses Section 69 of the IT Act, the government or Supreme Court will first have to issue an order to the social media platform. If and once they find that the mobile number given is a Doosra number, they should issue another order to Doosra to access your primary number. 

The six-month-old Doosra is the first such service to be accessible in India. It isn't that other such applications don't exist — like 2ndLine, Hushed, and Burner — however, you need an American or Canadian number to sign up for them. Doosra caters to numbers based out of India. You need your real number to sign up for the service, and it isn't free with plans beginning at ₹59 each month for essential services and ₹83 for the pro package.

Bangaluru based startup Pixxel raises $5 Million to be India's first Earth-Imaging Satellite to launch

A Bengaluru based startup, Pixxel is soaring towards the moon as they recently raised a sweeping fund of 5 million dollars for their new technology for earth imaging. The funding was provided by Blume Ventures, Lightspeed India Partners, and grows ventures and other investors.

The two young founders Awais Ahmed and Kshitij Khandelwal with their innovative tech will change the way for earth imaging forever. The company's goal is to surround the earth with a constellation of 30 small imaging satellites that will provide constant global coverage. Their satellites are quite small in size but provide high-quality imaging data that existing satellites fail to do. This 24-hour global coverage, they (Pixxel) hope will help to analyze the weather, predict and track natural phenomena in real time, and more.

Their first satellite is set to be launched later this year on a Soyuz Rocket and further, they plan to complete their constellation of 30 satellites by 2022. The founders were working on AI and satellite imaging when they enquired about a lack of high-quality imaging and up-to-date data and thus they shifted from the project and set on to develop a high-resolution earth imaging technology during their last year of graduation. Then Pixxel was launched in May 2018 and got it's earlier findings from Techstars and grows Ventures. 

This significant amount will boost the startup exponentially and the team will use the funding to fuel the technology, grow the task force, and for the deployment of the satellites. With high resolution and constant imaging combined with Pixxel's machine learning and analysis will help tackle world problems and global phenomenon. 

Awais Ahmed, CEO, and Founder of Pixxel in talks with says, “Our satellites will bring down the benefits of space down to earth and help us see the unseen through a unique dataset that offers an unprecedented level of detail. We’re glad that some very high-quality investors have decided to partner with us on this long journey."