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Another spam campaign that mistakenly mentioned @EHackerNews in Tweet

Today Another Twitter spammer mistakenly mentioned @EHackerNews in his spam tweet.

"girl you are so @BarbieGirlo** @EHackerNews fine" The spam tweet the mentioned me reads.

Some other spam tweets posted by spammers:  "you @BarbieGirlo14 @[victim] are so sexy"

"you are @BarbieGirlo14 @[victim] beautiful "

I've just try to follow the main account of the spammer 'BarbieGirlo14'. As usual, the spammer account has a link that helps spammers to make money.

"My nicknames Barbie and Im an open hookuper. I like to have fun online and off. If your interested click the link below and my profile on there is BarbieL0123 [LINK]"

The link just directs me to  'dat**.lightho**.net'. The link further redirects me to 'pkmtr**.com'. Finally i was landed in a scammy adult dating website "justhoo**.com"

I've just collected the list of Spam Twitter accounts  and posted here.