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Android Banking malware spreads via Smishing (SMS phishing)

A new android banking trojan spotted in the wild that replaces the legitimate South-Korean banking android apps spreads via phishing sms attacks, reports McAfee Labs.

South-Korean bank users are being targeted with a fake message that purportedly coming from Financial Services Commission.  The message asks users to install the new anit-malware protection.

Unwitting user who follows the link provided in the sms and installs the app putting himself at risk.  The malware app silently attempts to uninstall the legitimate south-korean banking apps.  However, the malware is able to uninstall the apps only if the device is rooted.

If the device is not rooted, the malware asks users to uninstall the legitimate app and urge them to install another app with the same icon but with suspicious permission request.

The trojan then asks users to enter the banking credentials such as account number, password, Internet banking ID, social security number.  The collected info is later sent to remote server.

"McAfee Mobile Security detects this threat as Android/FakeBankDropper.A and Android/FakeBank.A and alerts mobile users if it is present".

Your mobile Number has WON £1, 615,000 Million Pounds in Apple iPhone UK

"Your mobile Number has WON £1, 615,000 Million Pounds in Apple iPhone UK. Ref No:NK115G. For claim Email your name, Country & Occupation to:"  Yes it is one of spam message. 

This is message is fun to read.  Long time back, my friend got these type of spam message.  He is curious to know whether it is real or not, so he asked me.  I just laugh at him.  How does he believe these type of spam message?   I realized later that there are lot of peoples like this.

These are tricks of Scammers to get your personal information.  They can hack into your account with enough information or they can use it for any other malicious purpose.

Starting of this month, i got these type of spam message.  The message reads "Your mobile number has won $850,000,000 USD In India FICCI Sports Awards held in uk , to claim UR Awards, Send UR Name:&PHONE, via email ficci****".

It is fun to read whenever i got these type of spam message. But what about others?  Are you believe these type of spam mails?  Then you have to read our spam reports