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Completely Anonymous Social Network : Get Your Social Number

social number

Fear to share your thoughts in Social Networks?! Here is completely Anonymous Social Network for you.

Social Number(SN) is a new social networking site that enable users to anonymously discuss freely topics such as politics , religion , and more

In SN, you will identify yourself by a number rather than a username. This number keeps your anonymous so that you can speak more freely without fear of over-sharing.

"It's about freedom of speech." CEO and co-founder M.K said in a press release. " Today, there is very little privacy on any social network, resulting in employees being fired and government interrogations for free thinking. On Social Number, your number is your only identity, showcasing the true value of anonymity."

Once you log in with a number between six and 10 digits, you can join groups and send messages, etc. Throughout it all, no one knows who you are.

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