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176 Russian sites hacked by SiR Abdou in 3 days

After hacking 84 Russian websites, the hacker SiR Abdou come with more hacked sites.  Yesterday, he defaced 42 website and today he hacked 50 more websites.  This comes to a total of 176 Russian websites within three days.

The hacker claims this penetration is to support the prisoners on hunger strike since months in Israeli jails for up their appeal to the whole world and deliver their message.

" Freedom for Prisoners of Palestinians on hunger strike in Israeli jails.  God willing, up call to the world to support the prisoners in the battle of the intestines empty waging against the Israeli jailer." The defacement message reads.

Defaced page
Few hacked sites:

The full list of hacked sites can be found here:

More than 80 Russian websites defaced by SiR Abdou

A Hacker with the Online handle SiR Abdou from LiBeRTADoReS Team, has targeted Russian websites and defaced more than 80 Russian websites.

Few hacked sites:

The full list can be found here:

The hacker didn't mention any specific reason for hacking the above  mentioned websites. 

The hacker defaced the site with an image reads "Freedom to Palestinian prisoners" and a background music. 

At the time of press time, most of the sites still shows the defacement page.  You can check the mirror of the defacement here: