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Two pakistani high profile site hacked by Silent HaxOR from Indishel

A hacker called as silent Hacker, from Indishell, claimed he hacked into two high profile pakistan websites.

One of the victim site is Citizens Police Liaison Committee Of Pakistan( The second victim site is Pakistan biggest and Largest Advertising Agencies, Media buying(

The mirror of defacements:

100 more Sites Hacked and Defaced by Silent Hacker

A hacker called as 'Silent Hacker' hacked more than 100 websites and defaced them.

Here is the list of hacked sites:

The full list can be found here:

50+ sites hacked by Silent Hacker and Nyro Hacker

Silent Hacker and Nyro Hacker have hacked into more than 50 websites and defaced them.

The list of hacked sites:

Mirrors :-

15+ sites Hacked by Nyro Hacker and Silent hacker

Around 15 sites hacked by Nyro Hacker and Silent hacker.

List of sites:


25 sites hacked by SIlent Haxor and Shorty420 from Indian cyber leets

Hackers 'Silent Hax0r' and 'Shorty420' from Indian cyber leets has hacked and defaced around 25 websites.

List of hacked sites;

6 high Profiles sites hacked by Silent Hacker

Hacker named as Silent hacker ,Indian Cyber leets , hacked into over six high profile sites .

Hacked sites:

Mirrors :-

Hightel BPO
Mirror :-

 Songs Mad owned due to poor security
| |

Bangladesh News & Monon Publication

Photo Shop Tutorials
Mirror :-

Tips~4~Tech owned
Site mirror :-

Seven websites hacked by Silent Hacker

Silent Hacker hacked and defaced 6 websites and discovered  XSS vulnerability in one website.

Hacked sites:

XSS in College of Tourism & Hotel Management :D

site link :-
Xss link :-

mirrors :-

XSS Vulnerability found in 4 websites by Silent Hacker

A hacker known as Silent Hacker discovered Cross site scripting vulnerability in five websites. 

1st site :- University of Spain
site link :-
Xss type :- Non-Persistent

2nd site :- Marketing china site
Site link :-
XSS type :- Non- Persistent

3rd site :- Dura Placements
Site link :-
Xss link :-

4th site :- ESMECH
xss link :-

5 Bangladesh sites hacked by Silent HAcker & Love the Risk

While Bangladeshi hackers hacking lot of Indian websites in ongoing Cyber War, an Indian Hacker named as "Silent Hacker" hacked 5 High profile Bangladeshi websites.

A websites belong to Krishibid Groups, Center for Development and Policy Research,somoybazar ,bornface,earndollar has been hacked Silent hacker. ( Center for Development and Policy Research ~ Gone ) ( earning bangla :P)

Elan Systems( South Africa ) Product site Database leaked By Silent Hacker

Silent Hacker break into the Elan System website, a famous south african largest product company . He exposed the database details in pasteLOL website.

Elan system is a leading supplier of Multiroom Audio and Video Products. Elan Systems cover Residential Home Automation and Control to Home and Commercial Lighting.
The leak contains admin username,encrypted password and email id. Also it contains the database details like database version, vulnerable link.

Hacked site:

Database leak:

10+ Pakistani websites Vulnerable to SQL injection, found by Silent Hacker

Hacker named as "Silent Hacker"  found SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in more than 10 pakistani websties including government sites and education sites.

Pakistan Science Foundation ,Laureate Business School ,Business center and more sites vulnerable to the sql  injection. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability and compromise the database.

Eight websites Hacked by Silent Hacker

Indian Hacker "Silent Hacker" hacked eight websites ,including pakistan site.

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Their mirrors :- :- :- :-