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Hackers stole the personal data of patients in Finland

Finland: Hackers have stolen data from the Vastaamo Psychotherapy Center. Folders with personal information of tens of thousands of Suomi citizens, who in different years applied to this medical organization, were freely available

The Сenter's archive includes people not only with serious mental illnesses but also those who have experienced temporary psychological difficulties. Journalists note that the organization's lists include politicians, businessmen, public figures, as well as ordinary citizens, even minors.

The attackers made public the names of patients, addresses, phone numbers, identification numbers, as well as the contents of psychotherapy sessions. And they declare that they will not remove this information from public access until they receive the money.

It is not surprising that the leak of personal data excited the entire Finnish society.  Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, in an interview with journalists, urged citizens to refuse further dissemination of information that was disclosed by the criminals.

"This concerns all of us. Information about each of us is constantly collected on various platforms. This also applies to everyone, because everyone has something intimate that we do not want to disclose," said Niinistö.

However, the President's appeals did not help. Data is spreading at a breakneck speed As the influential newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reports, the Crime Victim Support Service is overwhelmed by calls from victims of hackers' actions, as well as those who fear that their names could also get into the network.

Several hundred clients of the Center said that they filed a police report demanding criminal proceedings because of the data leak.

The Central Criminal Police notes that a criminal can act from anywhere in the world.

The Center itself believes that the database may have been subjected to two cyber attacks. The first attack occurred in November 2018. The second attack probably occurred between late November 2018 and March 2019.

Finnish media noticed that over the weekend, information about the Center's patients began to disappear, and new information no longer appears. Because of this, there were rumors that the clinic paid the ransom. A representative of the center declined to comment on them.

Security breach encountered in Perth international airport

A Vietnamese hacker infiltrated Perth international airport's computer system and swiped away sensitive security details. Le Duc Hoang Hai, 31 , utilized credentials of a third party contractor to unlawfully get to the airport's system in March a year ago.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbell's cyber security adviser Alastair Macgibbon told the West Australian that the Vietnamese figured out how to steal "a significant amount of data". He added the hack to be "a close miss" that could have been a considerable measure more terrible. The programmer could get the data on the Airport's building security yet luckily not radars. The authorities at the Airport detected a security breach and informed the federal cyber security authorities in Canberra who at that point tipped-off Vietnam.

 The 31-year-old was then arrested in Vietnam after the authorities got the information about the tip-off from the Australian federal police. He has been convicted in a Vietnamese military court and condemned to 4 years behind the bars. Aside from this, the travellers were not placed in threat as he was not able access radars, computer data related with air traffic or even the personal details of said travellers.

 Kevin Brown,Perth Airport CEO,later assured that no personal data of members of the public,such as details of credit card numbers, was accessed but other Perth Airport documents were taken. Brown said the airport has completed a full risk assessment of the data stolen and concluded that there was no threat or risk to the travelling public.The Perth international airport was in any case, the main Australian focus of the hacker, who had prior succeeded in compromising the website of the Vietnamese banks and telecommunications also including an online military newspaper.

 Macgibbon further added saying that right now there is no confirmation whether Hai, was working with a bigger hacking group or whether the data stolen in the breach was sold off or leaked online. In any case, he commented on the incident saying that it is indeed a warning sign that crisis like these are going to be encountered a lot in the coming future.

Credit card data breach at Online Photo service, customers of CVS, Walmart Canada and others affected

Consumer Value Stores (CVS), which is the second largest pharmacy chain after Walgreens in the United States with more than 7,600 stores, has temporarily taken down its online photo center after a hacking attack.

 “We have been made aware that customer credit card information collected by the independent vendor who manages and hosts may have been compromised,” the company posted in its website’s homepage content.

Brain Krbes pointed out in his blog that other companies already reporting similar data breach and took down their webpages related to the online photo service.

Those online photo services have been maintained by a company called PNI Digital Media.

Companies including Costco, Walmart Canada, Rite Aid displayed a message in their photo site informing about the security breach.

In a noticed displayed on the Rite Ad's photo site, it is said that information including name, address, phone number, email IDs, photo account password and Credit Card data affected

However, Rite Ad said "PNI does not process credit card information on Rite Aid’s behalf and PNI has limited access to this information."

The Consumer Value Stores said Financial transactions done on their main website and in-store are not affected.

Information of 4,000 students shared in accidental data breach

The personal information of 4,000 students who use the bus transportation system was put at risk by CPS, after they mistakenly sent out their personal information to five vendors who were seeking to do business with the district.

The 4,000 students who have been affected are a subset of 22,500 students who use the bus transportation system.

After learning of the data breach, the authorities have quickly taken measures to avoid a problem and have written confirmations from all vendors that all the sensitive information has been successfully dispose off.

The affected students and parents have also ben notified of the breach. Also, the employees of CPS have been instructed in handling personal information of people in a more sensitive and private manner.

The breach happened in March, when CPS accidentally gave the information to five vendors.