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USAToday Twitter Account Hacked By Script Kiddie

A group calling itself “The Script Kiddies” hacked USA Today’s Twitter account this weekend and used it to solicit requests for future targets and even to promote its own Facebook page. Although this recent hack seems like more of a childish prank, this group is being taken seriously by the FBI due to its earlier hacks involving false terrorism claims posted to NBC’s Twitter account.

USA Today quickly regained control of the compromised feed. "@usatoday was hacked and as a result false tweets were sent. We worked with Twitter to correct it. The account is now back in our control," it said. "We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused to our readers and thank you for reading @usatoday."

It’s possible that the new USA Today hack involved a spyware Trojan horse, like the earlier NBC hack did. For the NBC hack, NBC News’s director of social media Ryan Osborn could have received a Trojan horse containing a keylogger via email, which then captured passwords as they were typed into his computer.

The Facebook page allegedly operated by the Script Kiddies is still live, but their @script_kiddiez_ Twitter feed has been suspended.

NBC News Twitter Account Hack ~FBI started the Investigation

Last Friday,  NBS News twitter account hacked by "Script Kiddies". They spread the fake  News of 9/11 Ground Zero attack.  You can find more details about the hack here.

The FBI is now investigating this NBC News Twitter account hack.  At this point, the FBI is gathering information and has provided no additional details, according to MSNBC.

According to MSNBC, Twitter blocked the NBC account within eight minutes of being notified of the fake tweets and found that it was executed via an email hack rather than a breach of Twitter's systems. 

This is not the first time The Script Kiddies have taken over a news organization's Twitter account. In July, the group took responsibility for hacking the @foxnewspolitics feed , in which false information was posted about a fatal shooting of President Obama.

A Twitter feed reportedly belonging to the Script Kiddies, @S_Kiddies) has been suspended.

A U.S. government official who specializes in computer security said the attack was one more example of just how vulnerable such accounts are to outside intruders. "The truth is it's  relatively easy to get into these accounts," the official said. 

NBC News Twitter Account Hacked and spreading fake News of 9/11 Ground Zero attack

Hackers named as "Script Kiddies" hacked the NBC News Twitter Account and posted messages claiming that there has been a terrorist attack at Ground Zero in New York.

The bogus messages claimed that Flight 4782 has been hijacked and another plane crashed into the site where the Twin Towers collapsed ten years ago.

NBCNews's Digital Officer Vivian Schiller tweeted confirming that their official account had been hacked, and asked followers not to retweet any of the offending messages.

In a subsequent message, Schiller confirmed that NBCNews was "working with Twitter to correct the problem and sincerely apologize for the scare that could have been caused by a such a reckless and irresponsible act."

The same group previously hijacked and defaced Pfizer's Facebook page and broke into the Fox News Politics Twitter account to post a bogus announcement about the death of Barack Obama.

It is unclear what method hackers used for breaching into this famous twitter account. Hacker group might used one of the following method:
  • Phishing
  • Dictionary Attack on password
  • Spyware
  • Less secure Password
  • Same password in multiple sites.
  • etc...
If you want to Know How to protect from the above attacks , please read our Security Tips Section.