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Atlantic Bank, Fidelity Bank Ghana and few other sites hacked by Sepo

A hacker with twitter handle @anon_4freedom a.k.a "sepo" who has been quite for some time, has come with some interesting hacks.  Today he hacked into multiple Bank websites.

 The list of affected websites includes Atlantic Bank Group (, Fidelity Bank Ghana(,Italian Labour Union (, Agricultural Development Bank of Ghana (

The hacker managed to identify the SQL injection vulnerabilities that allowed him to gain access to the database server.  At EHN, we have verified the vulnerability.   

All leaks ( just contain server details, database details such as Database username, OS, Database name, SQL version  and Host IP.  It also contains the list of table names.

Hacker didn't the leak the personal data of users because he don't like to expose the normal people's data.

Oakland University ,EPC and other websites hacked by Sepo

Hacker called SEPO break into the Oakland University, The Engineering Professors' Council (EPC) and other websites and leaked the databases in his blog.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Oakland University website is found to be vulnerable to SQL injection attack. He extracted the database and leaked.  The leak contains the username, encrypted password ,email id and phone number.

"This is so funny! '...the CSE department have active research programs in software engineering, multi-core computing, networking, computer security and forensics, human-computer interaction, and data mining and intelligent information processing...' - No Comments!" Hacker said.  " How can you secure someone's data if you can't secure your own data? Ask yoursekf!"

He leaked the admin id ,password(encrypted ) belong to The Engineering Professors' Council (EPC) website. "I told ya in the last post - Keep Your Data in Secure! You should expect me!" He said.

Also he leaked the database belong to Hiram College website and websties.

Universal Music sites from Sweden &Portugal hacked by Sepo : #OpSweden

An Eastern European hacker , SEPO hacked into the official websites of Universal Music Portugal ( and Universal Music Sweden (

Hacker compromised the database belong to the Universal Music Portugal and leaked the database details in his own blog.

The security breach of Universal Music Sweden was part of an operation called "OpSweden", an operation launched by Anonymous Sweden.

The database leak contain important details including database structure, customer email id, username, encrypted passwords.

Hackers also compromised and leaked the database belong to Nissan Motors in Columbia and Kalmar Airport websites .

High profile sites from Ghana, Russia, US, Belgium, Hacked by SEPO

A Hacker known as SEPO hacked lot of High profile sites from Ghana, Russia, US, Belgium.  The list of victim sites includes, Emirates Industrial Bank ,Mediterranean Smart Cards Company (MSCC),Valley View University of Ghana ,Murmansk(Russia) State Regional Universal Scientific Library website,Jewish National Fund (KKL) from Belgium and more high profile sites.

Hacker exposed the database info his own blog . The admin login info(userid, password) belong to Emirates Industrial Bank exposed;unfortunately, the password is in plain text though it is somewhat secure password(combination of special character and numbers).

The dump of Mediterranean Smart Cards Company (MSCC),Africa's leading electronic payment processing company, website contains database info and admin login; The password is encrypted , so what , is it secure? nope, The password is very very weak one, hacker easily cracked it. 

Other dump has the database info and login info of some other high profile sites.

Ghana Bank Websites hacked and Database leaked by SEPO

Hacker anon_4freedom continue their cyber attack on Ghana ,recently they break into the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia website and leaked the database. He focused on Ghana's bank website , for the last four days he hacked around five bank websites. Also he hacked FidelityBank Ghana, UT Bank and dumped the database in his own blog.

"It is very important, becouse other admins read all of this and they understand that everything in the internet can be hacked" Hacker said

The following bank sites are hacked:

The dumped database belong to Commercial Bank of Ethiopia contains the username, encrypted password ,email id and user role.

The dumped database belong to FidelityBank Ghana contains the the admin userid, encrypted password and email id .

The dumped database belong to UT Bank contains the user countr, phone number and other details.

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) is the largest commercial bank in Ethiopia and had about Birr 73.7 billion (US$4.45 billion), in assets at the end of June 2010. At the time, the bank held approximately 63.5% of deposits and about 38% of all bank loans in the country. The bank has about 9, 000 employees who staff the headquarters and 301 branches positioned in the main cities and regional towns, including 45 branches in Addis Ababa. CBE recently opened new branches in the remote towns of Injibara and Humera.

UT Bank Ghana Limited, commonly known as UT Bank (UTB), is a commercial bank inGhana. As of February 2011, the bank is one of twenty-seven (27) licensed commercial banks in Ghana.
UTB is a medium-sized financial services provider headquartered in Ghana with subsidiaries inwest Africa and Western Europe. The bank's total assets in December 2009 were valued at nearly US$140 million, with shareholders' equity of approximately US$15 million.

Ghana under Cyber Attack : SG-SSB , Prudential Banks ,TV3 ,ISODEC haked

Hacker SEPO aka anon_4freedom hacked Ghana based website, he hacked site belong to SG-SSB ,Prudential Bank ,Regional Maritime University,Integrated Social Development Centre and TV3 station.

He dumped the database of hacked sites in pastebin.

The pastebin leak :

Hacked sites:
The bank SG-SSB( is a bank that is based in Ghana. The name “SG-SSB” stands for “Société Générale – Social Security Bank”; the bank is part of the Société Générale banking group. The bank is based in Accra and its stock is listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. It is a component of the GSE All-Share Index. According to its website it is the 4th largest bank in Ghana and has 38 branches in Ghana.

TV3 Network Limited(
 TV3 Ghana is a private, free-to-air television broadcaster in Ghana. Launched in 1997, TV3 Ghana airs and produces a variety of television programmes including acclaimed news bulletins, dramas and successful reality television and entertainment shows.

Prudential Bank Limited (PBL) (, commonly known as Prudential Bank, is a commercial bank in Ghana.

ISODEC( works in solidarity with those striving for social justice towards a life of dignity by promoting rights and accountability, but this is just on paper. The real what they do, is that they spent a lot of money for norhing usefull.

Regional Maritime University Ghana(