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Turkish State Railways and Contractors Association websites hacked by RedHack

Turkish State Railways(TCDD) has been targeted by one of the world famous Turkish hacker group "REdHack".
The group breached the TCDD website and managed to compromise information and documents.  The group has leaked a zip file(20MB) which is allegedly containing data stolen from the organization.

The hackers also attacked Turkish Contractors Association website( and leaked the compromised data.

"They know how to do construction , but do not know how to make the site secure .. Ten million of their money back if any of the people in the imperialist haydur RedHack there! People Redhack for hacking since 97 .." Hackers posted(translated) next to the username and password data leak.

In a separate tweet, the group also said they have infiltrate the email systems of AKP İzmir headquarters and leaked emails which are allegedly represents act of corruption.

The group also identified a HTML injection vulnerability in the and injected their message. 

Turkish Association of Enterprises with Public Participation website hacked by RedHack

Turkish Association of Enterprises with Public Participation's official website has been hacked by one of the famous Turkish hacktivist group "Redhack"

The website is showing the defacement page for more than 20 hours. At the time of writing, the main page( redirects users to the defacement page ""

The defacement page contains the names of individuals who died a victim of police violence during the recent protests.

Last month, the same group leaked documents exposing police officers who allegedly killed Turkish Protester.

RedHack leaked documents exposing police officers who allegedly killed Turkish Protester

As Turkish Protesters continue to be killed during the anti-government protest, the famous Turkish hackticist group, "RedHack" appear to be on a mission to expose those officers who responsible for their deaths.

Abdullah Comert ,a Turkish protester who was killed by police in early June at the beginning of the Gezi protests.

Red Hack has leaked a screenshots of documents that expose police officers who allegedly killed the Abdullah.

"Abdullah Cömert'in Katilleri:
1-  (Eğitim Alan) 2-  (Görevli)
3-  (Üç Katil)" RedHack tweet reads.

Istanbul Special Provincial Administration website hacked by RedHack

One of the Top Turkish Hacker group RedHack announced they had breached the Istanbaul Special Provincial Administration's website(

The group claimed to have penetrated the organization's system and able to clear people's debts to Electricity, Water, Gas, Internet connection, and telephone.

The hackers also provided the proof-of-concept to bypass the admin-login page.  A Simple SQL injection login bypass method allowed them to bypass the login page in the website. 

Screenshot provided by hackers

Following the security breach, the website is appeared to be taken offline by the administrators for patching the vulnerability.

RED ! - A Hacker Movie about The RedHack hacktivist group

BSM-Independent Cinema Center has released the first teaser of the film " RED ! " - A Movie based on the RedHack hacktivist collective. The film is getting ready to meet its audience in Independent Cinema Center, on 15 February 2013.

The film “Red!” purporting to discuss its subject widely with the contributions of many experts examines RedHack and its activities that come to forefront in the subject of cyber activism in Turkey in different aspects.

The RedHack group is one of the famous and oldest Hacker group, founded in 1997. The group has been named a terrorist organization after hacking into the systems of several Turkish government agencies.

Despite the fact that authorities arrested some of their alleged members , the group is still going strong.

Earlier this month, the RedHack hackers leaked over 60k documents from Turkey’s Council of Higher Education, exposing numerous instances of corruption in the country’s educational system.

RED! Movie Teaser

RedHack leaked documents from Turkish Council of Higher Education

The popular Turkish hacktivist , RedHack, has hacked into “online data sharing portal” of Turkey’s Higher Education Council( against corruption.  They have leaked compromised documents in pastehtml(

The hackers also defaced the websites the website with a photo of 8 mine workers who lost their lives in a mine accident and journalist Metin Göktepe whose 17th death anniversary due to police detention brutality coincided .

At the time of writing, The site is appeared to have been taken offline.  The mirror of the defacement can be found here:

The hack was announced on Twitter via RedHack official account:

Most corrupt institute of Turkey HACKED&Leaked- Council of Higher Education Mirror: … @AnonIRC @AnonymousIRC @EHackerNews

There are 14 documents listed in the paste.  Hackers leaked documents belong to Giresun University(, Adnan Menderes University(, Gazi University(, Hacettepe University(, İstanbul University(, Fırat Üniversitesi(

Other documents belong to Kastamonu Üniversitesi(, Uludağ University (, Marmara University(, Çukurova University(

RedHack hackers breached Turkish Finance Ministry but officials deny it

The famous hacker collective RedHack claimed to have hacked into the systems of Turkish Ministry of Finance, as part of the protest against the fact that the salary raises of civil servants had been 'ridiculously small.'

However, Turkey Finance Ministry has denied the hacking claims from RedHack.

“All systems provided by the ministry through the Internet have been working without any problem,” Hurriyet Daily News quoted the statement from the ministry .

A legal investigation into RedHack was launched after the group staged a cyber attack on the Ankara Police Department’s website in February 2012.

Turkish authorities have named RedHack as a terrorist group. Prosecutors demanded up to 24 years in prison for alleged members of the hacker group for the cyberattacks they’ve launched against government systems over the past years.

In the first hearing, held Nov. 26, an Ankara court freed three arrested suspects in the alleged hacking case, pending trial.

7 alleged RedHack hackers arrested in Turkey

Turkey Police have arrested seven alleged RedHack Hackers , accused of hacking into databases of the Ankara Police Directorate and POLNET (Police Net).

RedHack team consisted of five members with the aliases "pReCipiCe", "Xebat", "MaNYaK", "BayRed" and "RedJunior". RedHack group claimed that none of them was among the people taken into police custody.

"They took young people into custody who shared news about RedHack on their facebook account after the file had been sent to the special authority prosecution. They created offenders according to the crime only to save face. They are trying to control the internet as the only place they are not able to control. They should release these young people and attend to us". Turkey news site bianet quoted as 'RedHack group' saying.

The RedHack members stated that 15-year-old high school students were among the people taken into custody. "How can a 15-year-old student be a member of a group that was founded in 1997?" they questioned.

"Everybody has been a member for ten years. We have no new members. We are here and we believe that what we are doing is correct, just and legitimate. If they are a real government they should investigate the 'police memorandum' disclosed by the documents instead of addressing 15-year-old juveniles as the enemy".

RedHack emphasized that "the leakage of dozens of confidential documents related to the Ergenekon trial has not been investigated. The only difference to us is that they leaked the documents for money or to assist the religious community whereas we took them fairly".