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14 alleged RedHack and Anonymous hackers referred to court

A total of 14 alleged members of Turkish hacktivist RedHack and Anonymous hacktivists have been detained.

The Word Bulletin reports that suspects were referred to the Ankara Courthouse on Monday.  The operation is against the RedHack group which is being labeled as a criminal organization by Turkish Government.

The Ankara Police Department's Cyber Crime Units arrested alleged hackers from various locations including Ankara, Kahramanmaraş, Bursa, Mersin.

The suspects are accused of being part of hacking attacks against Government and individuals and disclosing confidential information.

However, the RedHack group says none of the arrested people are part of their group.

"All those arrested are not known to us. Every single one in our team is safe. Fascist gov't of Turkey continues it's scaremongering to + "The tweets posted by the hacker group reads.

"they are trying new tactics to cut the support to RedHack. But what they don't realise is that #RedHack have become the RedPeople Now"

*UPDATE: The suspects released by court 
14 Turkish people including one actor "Barış Atay" who are accused of being member of Redhack hacker group have been released by the Ankara Court, according to the Turkish local news report.

RedHack leaks document about Turkey's Minister for EU Affairs & Chief Negotiator

The Turkish hacktivists RedHack has leaked documents which is said to have details of Egemen Bağış,  the Turkey's Minister for EU Affairs & Chief Negotiator.

The group provided a ".onion" link in their official tumblr page which is said to have contain the documents.  One of the documents contains details about Egemen stay at London Hilton Park Lane.

" When we have checked the bill we have realised that Egemen Bagis was confused between tweeting verses and mixing the wines and whiskeys. These people call themselves devoted believers in religion. Really? " Hackers said in their post.

Another document is claimed to have revealing :the sophisticated details of the lifestyle of  Egemen and Beyhan Bagis, their daily routines and dairy"

The group also is claimed to have leaked a document contains "the list of businessman and their contact details that would join PM Erdogan during his US visit" and more documents has been uploaded in their onion page.

RED ! - A Hacker Movie about The RedHack hacktivist group

BSM-Independent Cinema Center has released the first teaser of the film " RED ! " - A Movie based on the RedHack hacktivist collective. The film is getting ready to meet its audience in Independent Cinema Center, on 15 February 2013.

The film “Red!” purporting to discuss its subject widely with the contributions of many experts examines RedHack and its activities that come to forefront in the subject of cyber activism in Turkey in different aspects.

The RedHack group is one of the famous and oldest Hacker group, founded in 1997. The group has been named a terrorist organization after hacking into the systems of several Turkish government agencies.

Despite the fact that authorities arrested some of their alleged members , the group is still going strong.

Earlier this month, the RedHack hackers leaked over 60k documents from Turkey’s Council of Higher Education, exposing numerous instances of corruption in the country’s educational system.

RED! Movie Teaser