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Romanian kills his son and commits suicide, after got threatened by Ransomware virus

Police Ransomware is a notorious virus that threatens the victim into paying some amount and informs the victim that they will be jailed, if they failed to pay.  So far, the worst-case scenario of a ransomware has been victim paying the fine, thinking it is legitimate warning from Police.

But, no one could have expected that this notorious malware forced a man into committing suicide.

Softpedia covers a terrible tragedy took place in the Romania - a man has committed suicide, after his system got infected by a 'Police Ransomware'. 

The man hanged himself and held his 4 year old boy in his arms with rope around his neck.  They both died strangled.

He left a suicide note to his wife which reads "I don’t think it’s normal what I’ve done (…) I apologize to all of you (…) I received a warning that said I have to pay 70.000 lei or go to prison for 11 years (…) I don’t want Nicusor [the small boy who was killed] to suffer because of me (…) I can’t stand going to prison. I can’t!"

Reveton Ransomware upgraded , now it speaks to victims

Do you ever think a virus can speak to you? It seems like the Ransomware does.  The Reveton Ransomware that prevents victims from using their computers and displays rogue message , has been upgraded - now it speaks to victim, according to TrendMicro.

Ransomware, also referred as cryptotrojans, is a kind of malware that restricts access to the computer system that it infects. Usually it will display a fake message in full screen (victims can't close or access anything) , purporting to come from law enforcement agencies in various countries and instruct victims to pay a fine for allegedly accessing or storing illegal content on their computers.

Interestingly , The latest variant also plays a audio message urging users to pay ransom.

"The user won’t need a translator to understand what the malware is saying – it speaks the language of the country where the victim is located." The researcher says.

Unlike the previous variants, this variant also connects to specific url to send and receive information from a remote user , downloads an encrypted .dll and WAVE file.