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Polish authorities got hacked for the sake of a fake allegation of nuclear waste leakage from Lithuania

Two Polish government websites were hacked to spread false information about a nuclear waste "leak" in neighboring Lithuania.

The incident took place on Wednesday. False information about a non-existent radioactive threat was published on the websites of the Polish National Atomic Energy Agency and the Polish Ministry of Health. In addition, the Twitter account of a journalist who "often writes about Russia and Eastern European countries" was hacked. His page was used to further spread misinformation.

The false statement said that the health and lives of Poles living near the Lithuanian border were in danger. However, the reports did not seem to get much attention.

Polish Security Service spokesman Stanislav Zarin said that "the whole story looked like a typical Russian attempt" to sow suspicion and discord among Western allies.

Zarin said he remembered a similar hacking attempt in 2020 that spread false information about a nonexistent radioactive cloud headed for Poland from Chernobyl in Ukraine.

In February, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry drew attention to the recent intensification of information and cyber attacks aimed at damaging friendly Lithuanian-Polish relations and "blackmailing the Lithuanian and Polish peoples.

Official Vilnius and other Western countries regularly accuse the Russian side of "cyber attacks" without any evidence or concrete facts. Often Lithuanian politicians hint at the involvement of "Russian hackers" or that they were carried out by "unfriendly countries," although no evidence has been found.

As Russian authorities and experts have repeatedly noted, Moscow has no reason to attack Lithuania or other NATO countries, either real or virtual. Russia rejects all the accusations, noting that they are completely unfounded.

Russian explained why hackers steal personal data of CD Projekt RED employees

 Hackers have broken into the Polish development studio CD Projekt RED, the authors of the sensational game Cyberpunk 2077, and threaten to publish the source codes of the video games, as well as the personal data of the company's employees. Moreover, the attackers have already fulfilled the first part of the promise: the source code of several games of the Polish studio has appeared in the public domain. It is likely that cybercriminals will also reveal the personal data of employees. Alexey Kubarev, Head of the Solar Dozor Business Development Group at Rostelecom-Solar, spoke about why hackers hunt for such information and how they use it.

"The main goal of hackers is to profit from the spread of malicious attacks and fraud. Personal data can be both an end goal - it can be sold, and an intermediate goal - it can be used for the implementation of attacks," explained Kubarev.

According to the specialist, the most demanded information in the cybercriminal world is personal data related to the financial sector, for example, the bank's customer base.

The expert claims that fraudsters buy personal data on the Darknet. "There, the databases are placed by hackers, either who hacked the resource with the database, or received it from insiders."

Attackers figure out the employees they are interested in and, in various ways, make them provide either data or technical access to it.

According to Kubarev, a person cannot influence the protection of personal data that he provides to companies, since the companies that process them are responsible for the security of data.

"So, you should be careful about any letters and websites that require you to enter data about yourself and check whether they really belong to the official domain of the company. In addition, attackers can use social media to collect information, so it would be better to minimize the information with personal data in your accounts or restrict public access to them, if possible," concluded he.