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Istanbul Special Provincial Administration website hacked by RedHack

One of the Top Turkish Hacker group RedHack announced they had breached the Istanbaul Special Provincial Administration's website(

The group claimed to have penetrated the organization's system and able to clear people's debts to Electricity, Water, Gas, Internet connection, and telephone.

The hackers also provided the proof-of-concept to bypass the admin-login page.  A Simple SQL injection login bypass method allowed them to bypass the login page in the website. 

Screenshot provided by hackers

Following the security breach, the website is appeared to be taken offline by the administrators for patching the vulnerability.

#OpTurkey - Fox Turkey & VodaSoft hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous hacktivists continue their cyberattack against Turkey.  Today, they have breached Fox turkey and Vodasoft Call Center Solutions websites.

The security breach is part of the ongoing operation "#OpTurkey" which was kicked off in response to the government's violent attempt to suppress Turkish protests.

Unfortunately, the Government fails to know the violence against protesters will get the attention of Internet activists.

Hackers leaked more than thousands data from the Fox Turkey website( which contain ip address, email ids and name :

The Vodasoft's leak comprise of username, email address, name and password details :

Recently hacktivists breached the Prime minister website, Ministry of Interior and more Turkey websites as part of the operation.

#OpTurkey: Hacktivists hit Turkey with massive Cyber attack

Turkey suffers massive cyber attack after several hacktivists started to participate in the ongoing hacking operation against Turkey government.  "#OpTurkey",the operation was launched in retaliation to the violent police response against protesters.

A hacker group from Turkey named TurkHackTeam has claimed to have breached and Mufti COUNTY CERKES (

The group leaked some info from the server  :

Even Syrian Electronic Army who usually target western media participated in the operation and breached Turkish Prime Minister(PM) and Turkish Ministry of Interior websites.

 The group left a message on the defacement page: "Syria and Turkey are one. We salute Turkey's brave protesters"

Turkish Ministry of Interior website hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Syrian Electronic army appears to be taking part in ongoing operation against Turkey government website. The team has breached Turkish Ministry of Interior website(

The team is claimed to have compromised the emails and passwords. The also promised to leak the data in next few hours.

The team also defaced the website and placed their logo :

"Rise against the injustice of Erdogan's Tyranny. Rise against the policies of hypocrisy perpetrated by the Erdogan Regime." The defacement message reads.

"Syria and Turkey are one. We salute Turkey's brave protesters"

SEA leaked the email address and password list as they promised. The leak contains over 90 entries :

#OpTurkey: Turkish Prime Minister and government websites hacked by Hacktivists

Anonymous hacktivists and Syrian Electronic Army(SEA) carried out a serious of cyber attack against Turkish Government following the violence of the police against peaceful protesters.

Anonymous hacker with twitter handle @AnonsTurkey and SEA group has breached the official Prime Ministry website( and compromised the data from the server.

"Turkish Gezi Resistance is one of the most noble social uprising in recent history. The Turkish people, the women, the children, the young and the old, long oppressed by the all powerful regime, are now well awake. Fear changed sides: the Turkish people are not afraid, the oppressors are. Turkish people are realizing their potential as free human beings, and unbeforeseen soul healing is happening." Anonymous said in today press release.

Anonymous is said to have compromised the email addresses, passwords and phone numbers.  However, they didn't share any data.  Meanwhile, Syrian Electronic Army attacked the same website and leaked more than 60 email addresses, passwords.

The hacktivists reportedly hacked a number of Government websites including, and more.

Earlier today Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc apologised for the police response to initial protests.  However, Turkish protesters have rejected the government's apology and continue the protest.