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Critical Clickjacking vulnerability in Rediffmail

Narendra Bhati, an Information security researcher from Sheogan Rajasthan, has identified a critical UI redressing vulnerability in the Rediffmail website - a web based e-mail service provided by

Rediff is the Number one Indian web portal that offers news, information, entertainment, and shopping. was the first website domain name registered in India in 1996.

The website allows other websites to include the iframe of Rediffmail page

<iframe src="" width="1000" height="1000">

The vulnerability allows hacker to lure the victim into changing the personal information of victim.  It also allows to lure the victim into sending SMS to anyone.

Narendra has created a small POC code that lure users with "Online Prize Contest".  When a user copy&paste Gift code and click the submit button, it will update the user information. 

You can check his poc here:

The researcher discovered the vulnerability in january and sent notification to Rediffmail. Then as usual rediffmail not reply to him regarding to security- Then after 1 Month Narendra Decided to report it to EHN

Time Now Tv & Shiksha Official Websites Vulnerable To XSS Security Flaw

An 21 Years Old Information Security Expert, Narendra Bhati(R00t Sh3ll The Untracable) From Sheoganj Rajasthan ,Who Recently Acknowledge By and also find Many Persistent XSS And One SQL Injection In A Bank Website has discovered a non-persistent XSS security flaw in the official website of,Times Of India, News Bullet Sub Domain Of Start News Channel.

Narendra Says- Kailash Bhayya ,Ravi Sir & Sabari Sir This Is For You :-) is part of the group-Indias No.1 job portal. Other portals owned by our parent company Info Edge are,, and

TIMES NOW( is a Leading 24-hour English News channel that provides the Urbane viewers the complete picture of the news that is relevant, presented in a vivid and insightful manner, which enables them to widen their horizons & stay ahead.

In all these websites search fields are found to be vulnerable to the XSS injection.

POC code for Times Of India Tv:"/><iframe+src=""+width="1000px"+height="1000px"></iframe>&srchcombo=1&x=0&y=0

POC FOR :"/><iframe+src=""+width=1000+height=1000></iframe>&start=0&institute_rows=-1&content_rows=-1&country_id=&city_id=&zone_id=&locality_id=&course_level=&course_type=&min_duration=&max_duration=&search_type=&search_data_type=&sort_type=&utm_campaign=site_search&utm_medium=internal&utm_source=shiksha&from_page=homepage&autosuggestor_suggestion_shown=5
 Narendra also found that is also vulnerable to CSRF that allow attacker to change mobile no. of victim by a malicious web page .

Narendra also claimed that he try a lot to contact these all website by email,facebook page etc. But they not replied him from 1 month. After this he decided to disclose this vulnerability and reported to EHN.