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Astronaut accused of Bank account Hacking from Space

An astronaut in NASA has been accused of alleged hacking from space.

According to the reports NASA is investigating an accusation that an astronaut has accessed a bank account that belonged to estranged spouse, If the reports are found to be true it will be the first case of cybercrime from  home planet.

The New York Times reports, Anne McClain, is a former U.S army pilot who flew around 800combat hours during Iraq war has been accused of stealing identity and accessing private financial funds. According to the details Summer Worden, estranged spouse of Anne , accused Anne of accessing her bank credentials.After Summer contacted the bank for details of the location used to login into the account, bank found out that the credentials that were used was registered with NASA.

During the hacking event McClain was at the International Space Station, due to be part of the ill-fated all female spacewalk, putting all the clues together Worden concluded that Anne McClain was the hacker of her bank account.
McClain, returned to the earth following her six months in space and has admitted of accessing account of Worden while at the International Space Station.

McClain insisted that she had been just checking funds in the account for the kid that they both had been raising together. Lawyer Rusty Hardin said ”She strenuously denies that she did anything improper," he added that McClain was "totally cooperating."

According to the reports in Business Insider , "Worden's parents said in a separate complaint that McClain accessed the bank account as part of a "highly calculated and manipulated campaign" to obtain custody of Worden's son, who was born about a year before the couple got married."

In a twitter statement posted McClain said "There’s unequivocally no truth to these claims. We’ve been going through a painful, personal separation that’s now unfortunately in the media. I appreciate the outpouring of support and will reserve comment until after the investigation. I have total confidence in the IG process."

Any crime committed in the space would be under the Jurisdiction of the country of origin of the astronaut concerned

Hacker uses a nanocomputer to steal NASA data

It wasn’t a good day for NASA when an unidentified cyber-attacker was able to steal 500 MB of mission data, through a Raspberry Pi nanocomputer.

First introduced by the charity Raspberry Pi Foundation in 2012, the Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized device intended for the general public, young and old, beginners and amateurs. It is sold for about $35 that plugs into home televisions and is used mainly to teach coding to children and promote computing in developing countries.

The Raspberry Pi organization has just announced the release of the fourth generation of its budget desktop PC, the completely re-engineered Raspberry Pi 4.

The April 2018 attack went undetected for nearly a year, according to an audit report issued on June 18, and an investigation is still underway to find the culprit.

The hacker infiltrated into NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory network and stole sensitive data and forced the temporary disconnection of space-flight systems, the agency has revealed.

Prior to detection, the attacker was able to exfiltrate 23 files amounting to approximately 500 megabytes of data, the report from NASA’s Office of inspector General said.

These included two restricted files from the Mars Science Laboratory mission, which handles the Curiosity Rover, and information relating to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations which restrict the export of US defense and military technologies.

“More importantly, the attacker successfully accessed two of the three primary JPL networks,” the report said.

"Officials were concerned the cyberattackers could move laterally from the gateway into their mission systems, potentially gaining access and initiating malicious signals to human space flight missions that use those systems."

NASA came to question the integrity of its Deep Space Network data “and temporarily disconnected several space flight-related systems from the JPL network.”

‘Plane hacker’ says “I got bored, so I hacked NASA”

A hacker who is notoriously believed to be involved in several plane hacking revealed that he hacked the famous U.S space agency NASA just because he was bored.

During Digital Age Summit in Istanbul, Roberts spoke to  Anadolu Agency (AA) and said he enjoyed exploiting the vulnerabilities in  cyber securities from big institutes like NASA.

He said, "We have found that the communication security between the satellite and land systems is not well encrypted. We were able to access the system by passing NASA's International Space Station access control measures," .

Roberts Stressed that there are no unbreakable systems, and the transport companies should take serious steps to protect their networks from being hacked as suggested by “Good hackers”.

There was an investigation on Roberts by  Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in 2015 for the suspected hacking of an airplane’s computer system via in-flight wireless Internet

In a search warrant provided by Federal Bureau Of Investigation(FBI) to the federal court,the FBI stated that Roberts had admitted of hacking entertainment systems on flight through in flight internet almost 15 and 20 times between the years 2011 and 2014
In an affidavit Roberts claimed that through in flight hacking he had accessed the controls of the flight and  caused planes to drift sideways.
However Roberts, who is also popularly  known as “Plane Hacker” insists that he did all the hacking just for showing the vulnerabilities in systems available in aviation industry.

NASA On Hack Alert: Personal Data And Servers Compromised!

NASA’s recently been victimized by a data breach on its server that laid bare Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of its former and present employees alike.

The breach surfaced as a result of an internal security audit conducted by NASA. It was realized that the social security numbers and other PII was available on the compromised server.

 It was only after a couple of months that the NASA employees were notified about the unfortunate issue, given that the security experts had gotten wise about it in the month of October.

When the employees came up with the concern regarding their stolen data, that’s when they were alerted about it all.

The matter will take a lot of looking into and is a concern of top agency priority. The examining of the servers is going on at full speed.

Needless to say, NASA and federal cyber-security are keenly trying to settle on the severity of the exfiltration and the identity theft of the possibly affected.

According to what NASA has cited, none of its missions or secret data was compromised and everything is under control. Identity protection has also been offered to those who were supposedly affected by the compromised data.

NASA has also alluded that the civil service employees of NASA who were detached from the actual agency may have been subject to this hacking attack.

Reportedly, Instantaneous efforts were made to safeguard the servers and it was affirmed that individuals’ security is being taken very sincerely; also for NASA, as its spokespersons have mentioned, data security is paramount.