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Nepal Government websites hacked by Muslim Cyber Sh3ll'z

"Old is Gold" but it is not applicable for your CMS. A Number of Nepal government websites which use out-dated joomla version have been breached by a group of hackers.

The security breach was done by the group called as Msulim Cyber Sh3ll'z. The same group yesterday hacked into a number of Bangladeshi and Vietnam government website.

The list of affected sites: Nepal Law Commission(,,, Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation(, Ramgram Municipality(,

The websites have been defaced with a simple message "Box owned by shockwave Khan! This time nepal Government Boxed xd. No comments".


Bangladesh National Commission for UNESCO and MoCHTA websites hacked


Sil3nt hack3r , a member of hacking crew called as Muslim Cyber Sh3ll'z, has breached multiple Bangladesh government websites and left those sites defaced.

The list of affected websites includes Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs, Bangladesh National Commission for UNESCO, BPSC Departmental Examination( and Cabinet Division( .

The security breach was done few days ago but still few sites are not recovered by the admin and displays the defacement page.

We can still able to see the defacement page at '' and ''.

Apart from Bangladeshi government websites, the crew also defaced Indian government website( , Vietnam govt. (

This is not the first time the Bangladesh National Commission for UNESCO being attacked.  It was defaced multiple times in the past ,  last month it was defaced by Rahm Anonymous.

*Outdated Joomla:
 At EHN, we have found those affected government websites are using outdated Joomla version 1.5 that has multiple critical vulnerabilities.