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Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail hacks 5 Italian Government websites

Moroccan hackers going with the team handle "Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail" have hacked and defaced Several Of Italian Government Websites again.

Home page of the hacked websites have been modified with hackers' message and a youtube video. 

"We do not want muscle-flexing. Just want to get our message across the world to discover the truth."The message left by the team reads. " Yes, the fact that should be explored invite you to show filter this video to discover the truth for yourself.  #THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL"

In addition to the above statement the defaced website was also playing a
Youtube video, depicting The stark reality about the Prophet Muhammad in the

Link of targeted website along with its mirror can be found below:

Hackers modified the content of home page 10 hours ago.  But, all of those affected sites are still showing the defacement.

The group has hacked several other Government websites in the past including South African, Colombia.

200+ South African and 60+ Sweden sites hacked by V!ru$ No!r , Moroccan Agent Secret

moroccan hackers

A hacker with online handle "Virus Noir", from Moroccan Hackers group ' Moroccan Agent Secret', has breached 214 South African websites and defaced them.

"The sahara is moroccan" The messaged posted in the official fan page."Stay away from our contry (Morocco)"

""We are hackers and hackers have a black terminals with green font colors ! Don't break your system just demonstrate your problem audited by V!ru$ NO!r " The defacement message reads.

The full list of hacked sites can be found here:

Mirror of the defacement can be found here:

Yesterday, they have also hacked into more than 60 Sweden websites and deface them under the operation called "#OpSweden"

The full list of hacked Sweden sites with the mirror link can be found here:

At the time of press time, most of the websites still displays the defacement page left by the hacker group.