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More than 1000 websites defaced by Anonymous Algeria

The Algerian branch of the hacktivist group Anonymous has hacked more than 1600 websites.  Speaking to EHN, the hacker said the mass defacement was done within 1 day.

While the main page of the affected sites are untouched, the hacker just uploaded the defacement pages as "c.html" file in the target websites.

The team defaced the websites with a Palestine flag and a hash tag "#FreePalestine.  "This is a special deface for Palestine " hackers said next to the defacement list posted in the pastebin.

After removing the duplicate entries, EHN found there are more 1000+ defaced websites.  At the time of writing, the websites still shows the defaced page.

Among the hacked sites there are plenty of Educational and Government websites of China.  EHN analyzed the domains and found there are around 30 Chinese Government websites defaced in this cyber attack.

Here is the list of Hacked Chinese Govt. sites:
The full list of the hacked sites can be found here:

176 Russian sites hacked by SiR Abdou in 3 days

After hacking 84 Russian websites, the hacker SiR Abdou come with more hacked sites.  Yesterday, he defaced 42 website and today he hacked 50 more websites.  This comes to a total of 176 Russian websites within three days.

The hacker claims this penetration is to support the prisoners on hunger strike since months in Israeli jails for up their appeal to the whole world and deliver their message.

" Freedom for Prisoners of Palestinians on hunger strike in Israeli jails.  God willing, up call to the world to support the prisoners in the battle of the intestines empty waging against the Israeli jailer." The defacement message reads.

Defaced page
Few hacked sites:

The full list of hacked sites can be found here:

Indian Cyb3r Devils Targeted UK: Hacked and defaced more than 50 sites

Indian hacker group known as "Indian cyber Devils" has hacked and defaced around 50 United Kingdom sites.

At the time of writing, we are still able to the defacement page. A simple defacement with some background music. Hacker didn't left any special message in this defacement message.

However according to the available sources they defaced uk site due old memories of freedom and all, hacker said.

List of defaced sites:

Around 3000 Indian sites hacked by Bangladesh Cyber Army in Memory of 15-Year-Old Girl

Earlier Today, we reported that more than 1000 Indian sites hacked by Bangladesh Grey hat hackers.  The Bangladesh Cyber Army claims to have defaced around 3,000 Indian websites as a form of protest against the country’s Border Security Force (BSF).

"After exactly one year, Bangladesh Cyber Army is back once again with their attacks on Indian Cyber Space." The hacker said in an email sent to EHN.

"This attacks was inflicting owing to the reason of 7th January, being the day, when a 13 year old Bangladeshi girl was brutally murdered by BSF just 2 years back."

The full list of hacked sites can be found here :

" The website of Paisacontrol which is a supporting website of Indian Stock Exchange has also gone down! Bigger attacks will be coming! " The hackers give a warning.

The hackers uploaded a video on youtube with the title"2nd Bangladesh vs India War"

More than 1400 Indian sites hacked by Bangladesh Grey hat hackers

The Bangladesh hackers from hacker collective known as "Bangladesh Grey Hat hackers(BGHH)", claim to have hacked and defaced more than 1400 Indian website in Memory of 15-Year-Old Girl .

"Today is the first anniversary of the Death of "felani"..
Felani is poor girl from Bangladesh who is brutally kiled by Indian border guards [bsf].." hacker said in an email sent to EHN, .

"On this occasion, we strongly condemn the activity of bsf on our border.They are daily killing our people brutally."

The hacked sites includes The Institute for Development and Communication (IDC) , Tutors Educationa's official website, Software Technology Network, Indian Meridian Security Force, Architect Kerala and more sites.

The mirror of hacked sites can be found here:

5,000+ sites hacked in 2 days by Indonesian Top Hacker Hmei7

Indonesian Top Hacker named "Hmei7" , known for Mass Defacements, has claimed to have defaced more than 5000 websites in two days(31 Dec 2012 and 1 Jan 2013).

So far , he hacked lot of high profile website including IBM, Microsoft, SIEMENS, AVG, Foxconn. He also defaced thousands of Government websites belong to different countries.

The hacker is not the person who deface the main page of the site.  He just upload a file named "x.txt" or "x.html" in the hacked website.

Recently, he hacked Government websites from China(, Pakistani government site(,Government of Bolivia (, Government of Greece, Government of Thailand, Government of Indonesia.

He also hacked multiple Madagascar Government sites including Ministry of Agriculture( ,Ministry of Commerce (,,

The Full list of Hacked sites :

200+ South African and 60+ Sweden sites hacked by V!ru$ No!r , Moroccan Agent Secret

moroccan hackers

A hacker with online handle "Virus Noir", from Moroccan Hackers group ' Moroccan Agent Secret', has breached 214 South African websites and defaced them.

"The sahara is moroccan" The messaged posted in the official fan page."Stay away from our contry (Morocco)"

""We are hackers and hackers have a black terminals with green font colors ! Don't break your system just demonstrate your problem audited by V!ru$ NO!r " The defacement message reads.

The full list of hacked sites can be found here:

Mirror of the defacement can be found here:

Yesterday, they have also hacked into more than 60 Sweden websites and deface them under the operation called "#OpSweden"

The full list of hacked Sweden sites with the mirror link can be found here:

At the time of press time, most of the websites still displays the defacement page left by the hacker group.

1700+ Indian Sites Hacked By 3xp1r3 Cyber Army

Bangladeshi Underground Hacking Team "3xp1r3 Cyber Army" Hacked 1700+ Indian websites by single click from a Indian Server on 24/04/2012 to Protest against BSF Brutality.

They said on their Defacement page, "This war 'll never end. It's will be continued until BSF (Indian Border Defense Force) stop killing Bangladeshi people on Bangladesh-India Border!"

The hacks were announced on April 24 on a Their official Facebook Group and through a list posted to the programmer website Pastebin ( ) .

The 3xp1r3 Media also said that mass defacement is being completed by using their own mass defacement tools named '3xp1r3 AK 47'. "3xp1r3 AK 47" is a script based most powerful tools invented by 3xp1r3 and we are using many other personal tools like it to continue.

 After Announcing Cyber War between Bangladesh and India, 3xp1r3 Hacked About 10,000+ indian websites. Mirrors can be found here:

35+ Government sites hacked by @LatinHackTeam

The LatinHackTeam, known for mass defacement of Government sites over the world, hacked and defaced more than 30 Government sites this month.

So far, they hacked 35 government sites this month alone.  The government sites are from Japan(, India(, Poland(, Argentina(, Peruvian(, Mongolia( , Tanzania(, France(, Honduras( ) and more countries.

Here you can found the full list of hacked sites with mirror:

So far, Latin  Hack Team hacked more than 10,352 websites ,most of them are government sites.

Another Massive Attack on Indian sites by Bangladesh Cyber Army

Bangladesh Cyber Army continues their protest against the Killing innocent people on borders. BCA hacked and defaced over 100 websites in this massive attack.

"Stop hacking Bangladeshi websites and stop all types of access to Bangladeshi Cyber Space completely" Hackers stated as demand in the defacement page. "Stop killing innocent Bangladeshi citizens at BD-India borders"

" Stop Tipaimukh Dam... Sign the 'Teesta Water Sharing Treaty'...Either stop broadcasting of Indian Media in Bangladesh or let Bangladeshi Media enter India... Stop all Anti-Bangladesh activities of BSF and punish all offenders for their deeds against Bangladesh... Last but not the least, India has to stop all activities which go against Bangladesh in any possible way..." They added.

Hackers said they want each and every demands to be fullfilled otherwise they will continue their cyber attack against Indian Cyber space.

The full list of hacked site can be found here:

Here you can the previous cyber attack against Indian site.

475 Pakistan and Uk sites hacked by LuCkY & RooT_D3viL [ INDIAN CYBER ARMY ]

Hackers LuCkY & RooT_D3viL , member of Indian Cyber Army group hacked 475 Websites. Most of the sites ends with .pk(Pakistan),.uk (UK).

Few Hacked sites;

The full list can be found here:

600+ Websites Hacked bY Ang3L_BD ~ Bangladesh Cyber Army

A Hackers named as "Ang3L_BD", member of Bangladesh Cyber Army group Hacked 600 websites and defaced them. He list out the hacked sites in pastebin.

Hacked sites:

The full list here:

Indishell [ICA] Hacked 300+ Pakistani Websites~ Remembering 26/11

Indian Hackers Group known as "Indishell" hacked about 300+ websites .   They defaced all of them.  The hackers said that they are showing respect, honor and tribute to all the heroes(Police) who lost their lives on the 26/11 Mumbai attack.

The Full message written in Defaced Page:
"This Mass Deface Cyber Attack is done by Team ICA of
We are the only real & first ever INDIAN CYBER ARMY [ICA] made and existing !!
Rest In Peace the Heroes of 26/11 Mumbai Attacks !
We will Never Forgot your sacrifice and We never will let porkis and this world forget it too !


Here is the List of Hacked sites:
Part 1 (200+ Sites):
Part 2 (100+ sites):

Buckler, Panach, Pelforth, Heineken and other French sites hacked by Kha and miX

A Hackers Group named as "KHA & MIX" hacked Websites belonging to several brewing companies, such as Buckler, Panach, Pelforth, Heineken and other French Websites. He hacked 50+ French websites on this November.

"In previous defacements targeting Web pages of French public organizations, the hackers openly expressed their resentments against France and Israel, while also displaying an image of the Algerian Flag" said in MalwareCity.

Recent Victims:
Screenshot of Defacements

Mirror is here:

200+ websites Hacked by Bangladesh Cyber Army

Bangaldesh Cyber Army Hacked 205 websites and published the list of hacked sites in Pastebin.  They defaced the suspendedpage.cgi page in all websites. 

Hacked sites:

Full list is here:

600+ Websites Hacked by Hitcher

The Hackers Team "Hitcher" hacked 600+ websites and defaced them by uploading the hitcher.html file. They websites are from different countries.

Full list is here:

100+ Bollywood sites defaced by XtReMiSt (Muslim Liberation Army)

100+ Indian websites defaced by XtReMiSt (Muslim Liberation Army).  Most of them are related to Bollywood . It includes Bollywood Theatre Guide, Movies, Many Actresses Official Websites .

Here is few hacked sites:
Bollywood Hindi Movie & Music - Glamsham(Enfotainment Magazine)

bollywood trade news, box office collection figures, movie release calendar etc..

Mumbai Theatre Guide - Latest Information on Hindi, Marathi & English Plays in Mumbai


GOLD Awards...

Official Website of bollywood diva Kangna Ranaut

Bollywood super star Mallika Sherawat's official website

Bollywood super star Mallika Sherawat's official 2nd website

Jay Chhaniyara - Little Laughter Champion, Comedian

Trimurti Films Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate website of BSK Network & Entertainment Pvt Ltd (Boney Kapoor)

Woh Tera Naam Tha(The Movie)

Sowmya Raoh Official Website(BollyWood)

Yeh Kaise Mohabbat (Movie)

Hisss - A Film by Jennifer Lynch, Official Movie Website

Movie director Govind Menon's official website

Sanjay Singh Movies

Here is full List:

60 Poland webSites hacked and defaced by Team IndiShell

Decoder,A member of Indian Hacker team named as "IndiShell" hacked about 60 Poland websites hacked and defaced.
This defacement page contains :
(0_0) ---------OOOpppzz.... HACKED ? Lol

Owned By Decoder
Jai Hind
Team Indishell

Few hacked sites:

Here is the Full of List:


265+ Websites Of India Hacked By XtReMiSt

265+ Government, Organizations, Institutes, Local Bank & Important Sites Of India HACKED BY XtReMist.

The Hacker claimed that he hacked those sites for "TO Raise The Awareness About Illegal Occupation Of India in Kashmir..."

Few hacked sites:

The Full List is here: