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Facebook almost got hacked by Syrian Electronic Army, MarkMonitor website Hacked

Earlier today the Syrian Electronic Army posted a tweet with screenshots which suggested they had hijacked the Facebook's domain and changed the Registrant details and name server.

"Happy Birthday Mark!  owned by #SEA" Hackers said in a tweet.

How hackers take control of Facebook Domain?
The next tweet confirmed that the hacker group took control of the MarkMonitor website - a website that manages Top Level domains including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and more.

The group managed to gain the admin panel of the Mark Monitor website that allowed them to access records of all domains hosted.

After learning about the breach, the Markmonitor immediately took down the Management portal.

It seems like facebook is lucky this time.  Even though the group changed the nameserver of the domain, it didn't reflect.  It's failed attempt to compromise domain's DNS records.  If they had managed to change the records successfully, it could have affected millions of facebook users.

Few other screenshots provided by Syrian Electronic Army shows that the group had access to Google, Yahoo and Amazon domains.