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Protect your phone from malicious apps by malware scanner VirusTotal Mobile

Google last year removed 85 apps from play store after security researchers found that these apps were adwares in disguise.
These were all sorts of applications from Gaming, TV to remote control simulator apps on the Android Play Store. It goes on to show that even the apps from Google play store are not safe and could be running codes and scripts on your phone.

Some of these apps even had API key certificates and apart from these 85 apps, there are other apps that could be malicious and roaming undetected. It is very imperative to protect our phones and machines from such harmful apps and other files that could have been downloaded from "unknown sources". It is always good to carefully grant permissions to applications but still some apps could be running in the background, duplicating virus or downloading malware files into your phone.

 One way to protect your phone from such attacks is by using a malware scanner. A virus/malware scan is the process where software scans and identifies viruses in a computing devise. Through a scan, you can review and identify threatening viruses and programs. Anti-virus software will also do the work but scanning through a scanner adds an extra cushion of security as they usually have more virus and malware codes and scanned by multiple anti-viruses than lone anti-virus software.

Virustotal Mobile, an android application available on play store is a virus scanner app that scans the application installed on your phone for any malicious file like malware, virus, trojans or worms and notifies you if any such malware exists. Scanning your phone for viruses and running this application to remove any malware on your device is a critical process of maintaining your mobile device. If a virus does get onto your phone and is not removed, then it could result in numerous problems like losing important data, your personal data may be leaked or your device could be compromised.

 The app, Virustotal Mobile scans your application by more than 50 anti-virus flagging suspicious content and even files and Url's can be checked, not only apps. It is developed by, a trusted virus, malware, and Url scanner. Its good to remember that the app only tells you the malicious content and not removes the malware.

 Simple, effective and fast (without those annoying adds or pings) Virustotal Mobile is a must-have a tool to protect your phone from dubious apps that could be running pre-installed codes.

Handheld Malware Scanner made with Raspberry Pi

We learned earlier this year that U.S based power plant systems were infected with a malware after an employee used his infected USB drive to update software. Last year, the notorious Stuxnet worm was delivered to Iranian nuclear plant on USB stick.

We also learned last year that cybercriminals attempt to infiltrate the multinational chemicals firm DSM by leaving the malware loaded USB sticks in company car park.

The notorious targeted malware such as Stuxnet, Flame and more contained code to propagate via USB flash drives.One employee inadvertently using the infected usb drive puts the entire system at risk.

To bring end to this and boosts the security, Icarus Labs , a private research labs under the Cyber Security & Foundation, have created a program that would turn the Raspberry Pi, a small computer running Linux into a handheld malware scanner.

Users can plug their USB drive that is to be scanned.  It is said that the Pi will scan all the files in the drive and "check the signatures of 44 different antivirus providers to see if the file is malicious or not".

"This device can be deployed at entry points where it will be used to scan the USBs that are allowed in. This will prevent malicious software from getting in. "

It is also said that once the program is started, no further maintenance is required.  The device is designed in a such way that can be used by even non-technical person like security guards.