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Argentina Ministry of Defence hacked & confidential documents leaked by LulzSecPeru

A Hacker group with online handle LulzSecPeru has managed to breach the Argentina Ministry of Defence website( and defaced the main page.

The hacker also leaked the documents that contain highly sensitive material rated SECRET (aircraft, submarines, guns). There are 3 RAR files has been uploaded in Anonfiles.

War Submarines, Radars(18MB), Classifieds Documents DEPARTMENT OF ARGENTINA DEFENSE DATABASE(55MB) and Database Dump(55MB). The database dump contains users, passwords ,secrets and name details.

"According to statements by the DEPARTMENT OF ARGENTINA DEFENSE the computer systems area say they had a system impossible to hack, thing turned otherwise." The hacker said .

"The event should not be taken as terrorism, was for the simple fact to prove that the system was totally vulnerable."

At the time of writing, I am not able to reach Ministry of Defense site.  It seems like the admin has taken down the site for Investigation.