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Hayan Petroleum Company of Syria breached by Latin hack team

The hacker group known as "LatinHackTeam" has breached website belong to one of the oil company of Syria - Hayan Petroleum(

The team announced the attack in Twitter and posted a link to the database leak:  "Hayan Petroleum Oli Company of Syria "

The leaked data contains address details, phone number.  The paste also contains more than 100 email addresses and encrypted passwords.

35+ Government sites hacked by @LatinHackTeam

The LatinHackTeam, known for mass defacement of Government sites over the world, hacked and defaced more than 30 Government sites this month.

So far, they hacked 35 government sites this month alone.  The government sites are from Japan(, India(, Poland(, Argentina(, Peruvian(, Mongolia( , Tanzania(, France(, Honduras( ) and more countries.

Here you can found the full list of hacked sites with mirror:

So far, Latin  Hack Team hacked more than 10,352 websites ,most of them are government sites.