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Indian Congress site Hacked & Sonia Gandhi's Profile defaced by Pakistani Hacker

 A Pakistani Hacker "KhantastiC haXor"(Member of Pakistan Cyber Army Hackers group) break into Indian Congress Website and defaced the Sonia Gandhi's Profile with sexual contents. The site is recovered by the Admin now.

The attack coincided with Gandhi's 65th birthday and came just days after the Indian government pledged a crackdown on "unacceptable" Internet content, that included faked naked pictures of the Congress leader.

"I have been informed that the website has been hacked," Congress spokesman Tom Vadakhan said, adding that the site had been swiftly closed down once the intrusion was detected.Vadakhan told that the party's computer department was investigating the incident

Hacked Site:

Previously, Pakistan Cyber Army group hacked into BSNL website and defaced it about 3 times . They hacked lot of Indian sites.