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#OpIsrael: Anonymous hacked Israel news agency DEBKAfile, accounts leaked

anonymous hacker

The Anonymous hackers has hacked into the official website of an Israel News Agency, DEBKAfile( and leaked user accounts.  The hack is an apparent retaliation for what the hacktivist claimed is Debkafiles long history of being a “tongue of the Mossad.”

The dump contains more than 80 user login credentials .  It contains email address and password in plain text. Most of the password are very simple and only 6 letter text.

"DEBKA first started around 2000 in purpose of polluting media with Zionist-Oriented news and rumors." Hacker said in the pastebin.

"DEBKA also analyzes on how people react to news and information offered by the agency in their state of art laboratory. Using these methods the agency has got the ability to release news and rumors in subjects which have most impact in the eyes of readers and political figures."

According to hacker statement, they have managed to breach their systems and acquire highly sensitive information, including employees and authors personal information, labs details and of course their subscribers.

But they have leaked only portion of what they have got which includes subscribers emails and passwords (Most of them are retired MOSSAD agents!!!).

So far there is no official statement from Debkafile about the breach.  Stay tuned..!