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CSPF donates one lakh rupees to IronWASP project

Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation (CSPF), a non-profit organisation which provides solution to tackle cyber security and privacy issues, has donated Rs.1,000,00 to Iron Web application Advanced Security testing Platform (IronWASP) project, Asia's largest open source security project.

"We will use the donation to support the further development of the project," said Lavakumar Kuppan, the founder of IronWASP.

"It is really encouraging. We are not only getting funds but also feedbacks and comments which mean a lot to us."

According to Lavakumar, IronWASP’s main objective is to make web security easy and accessible to everyone. It is a scanner which automatically discovers security problems in web applications.

Though it is designed for security testers, others like admins, developers and QA testers can also use the software by following the video tutorials available on the project website. Almost anyone can download IronWASP and use it is for free.

"We are regularly adding new features to IronWASP" said Lavakumar. "We recently added Dynamic JavaScript vulnerability analysis capability, a feature that is unique to IronWASP. More additions are planned for future versions to make it more effective and help create a safer internet."