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SC website hacked, Brazil “HackTeam” suspected

Screenshot of Supreme Court website Thursday morning

At around noon on Thursday, it was found that the website of the Supreme Court of India was hacked, reportedly occurring soon after or while the court announced its dismissal of the plea for an independent probe into the death of Judge Loya.

The incident was discovered when screenshots were shared by users on Twitter, showing an image resembling a cannabis leaf, along with text reading “Hackeado por HighTech Brazil HackTeam” and “te amo linda pequena ...melhor amiga que já tive,” which roughly translate respectively to “Hacked by HighTech Brazil HackTeam” and “I love you, beautiful little girl friend I've ever had.”

No one has yet come out to claim responsibility of the attack but based on the text, it is believed that Brazilian hackers, specifically the hacker group HighTech Brazil HackTeam, are involved in the hacking of the website.

While the messages had been removed once the hack got reported, the website remained inaccessible for quite a while.

The SC officials reportedly admitted that the website had been “non-functional” since 11:35 in the morning, but did not comment on whether the website was hacked or not, saying that they were “not authorised” to speak on the issue.

This attack comes after, earlier this month, several government websites were believed to be hacked, but were later reported to be the results of a glitch according to the government. The websites that were affected include Ministry of Defence, Election Commission, Department of Public Enterprises, etc.

Defense Ministry website hit by glitch, not hacked, says Govt

Several government websites, including the Indian Defence Ministry’s website, were on Friday believed to be hacked after they showed a chinese character and an error message. The government said that the error was not caused by a hack, but by a technical glitch.

On Friday, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted that “action is initiated after hacking” of the Ministry of Defense website and that it will be restored shortly.

Later on the same day, the Ministry of Electronics and IT issued a statement saying that the websites had in fact not been hacked but were affected by a “technical issue in storage.”

“The site showed what appeared to be a Chinese character and it was understandable that the site was perceived to be hacked,” the government said in the statement. “However, it has since been identified that the sites have not been hacked.”

The websites affected by the glitch were hosted in the NIC data centre (National Informatics Centre) and about 10 government websites became inaccessible to the public.

The websites that were affected include Ministry of Defence, MHA, Department of Public Enterprises, Election Commission, EPFO, Ministry of Labor, and Department of Science & Technology.