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Top Dairy Group Lactalis Suffers Cyberattack, Company Confirms No Data Breach

Lactalis, the world's one of the best dairy groups disclosed that it was recently hit by cyberattacks after hackers breached its company's systems. Short for Lactalis group, the company has around 85,000 employees working throughout 81 countries, with dairy exports to more than 100 countries across the globe. 

Lactalis group also owns few top global brands which include Galbani, Lactel, Parmalat, Santal, and Président.  In a press release issued last Friday, the company said that merely a few computers in the network were affected in the attack. Lactalis had identified malicious access in its computer network, upon finding the intrusion, the company immediately contained the attack and informed the investigative agencies later. 

Further investigations revealed that a third party tried breaking into the company networks.  Luckily, there was no data breach, says Lactalis after an ongoing investigation that confirmed the incident. The press release reads, "The Lactalis Group has detected an intrusion on part of its computer network. We immediately took steps to contain this attack and have notified the competent authorities. The results of our investigations establish that a malicious third party is seeking to break into our servers.  For the sake of transparency, we are making public this information. Our IT teams are fully mobilized and supported by experts recognized in cybersecurity. Our investigation with them revealed no data breach at this point." 

The company has currently taken down its IT systems across all the company websites that were affected by the attack. The company further adds, "Lactalis teams are working to protect the interests of our customers, our partners, and our employees. This is why we have restricted, at our initiative to as a preventive measure, our access to the public internet network." As of now, Lactalis says that it didn't suffer any data breach during the attack, however, in most cases, threat actors usually steal personal information and data when spreading throughout a breached network. Attacks like these often lead to extortion and threat actors may expose information on data leak sites if the party fails to pay the ransom.

Finland MP’s Faces Dire Cyber Intrusion


The parliament of Finland verified on Monday that some hackers had procured entry into the internal IT system of Finland and have also retrieved some personal as well as confidential information by accessing into the email accounts of some of the Member of the Parliament (MPs).

In a statement the government officials confirmed that the incident took place in the autumn season of 2020 and was turned up in the month of December by the IT staff of the Parliament after they felt that something suspicious is happening. This occurrence is being investigated under the examination of the Finnish Central Criminal Police (KRP) .

Although the Crime Commissioner Tero Muurman in an official statement said that “The act is not accidental”, on the other hand the police in investigation are not unveiling any detail about the case. Instead they quoted that they are investigating the security breach as a “suspected gross hacking and espionage” incident. Though after flicking through all the recorded statement one thing is clear that the intrusion did no harm to the internal IT System of the Parliament.

 “At this stage , one alternative is that unknown factors have been able to obtain Information through the hacking, either for the benefit of a foreign state or to harm Finland” , Muurman further added. The larceny of the hackers has affected a lot of individuals of the country though obviously the number is unsure. 

The thing that requires the maximal gravity here is that, during the same time, in the fall, some Russian hackers have also accessed the emails of various Parliamentary personnel and representative of Norway to acquire some information. Both the hacks were quite indistinguishable in nature and can be thought to be linked as well. 

The officials in command stated, “This case is exceptional in Finland serious due to the quality of the target and unfortunate for the victims”. Proffering a sense of placidity to the victims the KRP Tero Muurman also made a statement claiming that “International cooperation has taken place in the investigation” and the drudges would be behind the bars for the felony.