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HconSTF v0.5 codename 'Prime' Released

HconSTF is Open Source Penetration Testing Framework based on different browser technologies, Which helps any security professional to assists in the Penetration testing or vulnerability scanning assessments.

Hcon is very delighted to announce this, After around 14 months its released, HconSTF v0.5 codename 'Prime'  is here

Noticeable things for this version :
Now its more enhanced for,
  • Web Penetration Testing
  • Web Exploits Development
  • Web Malware Analysis
  • Osint , Cyber Spying and Doxing !!
  • and moch more with lots of hidden features

so HconSTF v0.5 briefly,
  • based on Firefox 17.0.1
  • Designed in Process based methodology
  • Less in size (40mb packed-80mb extracted), consumes less memory
  • More than 165+ search plugins
  • New IDB 0.1 release integrated
  • underlined Logging for each and every request
  • more NEW scanners for DomXSS, Reflected XSS
  • New reporting features like note taking, url logging for easy report making
  • Smart searchbox - just select and it will copy it and just change search engine to search
  • Integrated Tor, AdvoR, I2p and more proxies
  • New Grease monkey scripts (18 scripts)
More details can be found here.