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More than 1000 Indian website Hacked by saadi n hax.r00t

Hackers hax.r00t n saadi hacked into more than thousand Indian websites and defaced them.  Around 1355 Indian sites has been hacked by Pakistani hackers, the CyberWarNews report says.

The report says the security breach on Indian sites are also a result of another team from other side of the cyber war. The other team which is known as Team Nuts had recently attacked over 100 Pakistani websites

List of defaced sites:

PinoyCyberArmy and Trading corporation of bangladesh hacked by Saadi and Hax.r00t

Saadi and Hax.r00t hackers break into Trading corporation of Bangladesh and defaced the main page. 

Recently, hackers defaced thousands of websites. According to the CyberWarNews report, the hackers also break into four Argentina's website and defaced them.

Also they have hacked the forum belong to Phillipines Hackers group PinoyCyberArmy, which is currently showing the following message: "Sorry, the board is unavailable at the moment while we are testing some functionality. We will be back soon".