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Hash Code Cracker V 1.2 Released ~PenTesting Tool from BreakTheSecurity

BreakTheSecurity is proud to release the Hash Code Cracker Version 1.2.  Our latest release supports Online Cracking function.


This password cracker is developed for PenTesters and Ethical hackers. Please Use this software for legal purposes(Testing the Password Strength).

  • This software will crack the MD5, SHA1,NTLM(Windows Password) hash codes.
  • No need to install.
  •  Supports All platforms(windows XP/7,Linux,..).
V1.2 Changelog :
  • Included Online cracking Support

Minimum Requirements:
  • Java Runtime Environment: JRE 1.6 should be installed.(you can get it from

How to Run the Application?
Download the .zip file and extract.
Extract the zip file.
Open the Terminal or command prompt.
Navigate to the path of Extracted zip file (i mean HashCodeCracker Folder) in Terminal/CMD.
Type this command "java -jar HashCodeCracker.jar".
Now the application will run.

Project HomePage:





John the Ripper 1.7.8-jumbo-7 Released ~ Password Cracking Tools

Earlier today, They've released John the Ripper 1.7.8-jumbo-7.

Change log:
* Support for encrypted pkzip archives has been added, testing millions
of candidate passwords per second. (JimF)
(This is in addition to WinZip/AES archives, support for which was added
in prior -jumbo updates.)
* Support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion salted SHA-512 hashes has been added
(enabled when building against OpenSSL 0.9.8+ only), with optional OpenMP
parallelization. (Solar)
* Optional OpenMP parallelization has been added for salted SHA-1 hashes
used by Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.6. (Solar)
* PoC support for DES-based 10-character tripcodes has been added (does
not use the bitslice DES implementation yet, hence is slow). (Solar)
* The DIGEST-MD5 authentication cracker has been revised to be usable
without requiring source code customizations. (magnum)
* Highly experimental support for dynamically loaded plugins (adding new
formats) has been added (currently only enabled on Linux). (David Jones)
* Added the ability for the john.conf file to ".include" other .conf
files and/or individual sections (e.g., a wordlist rules section may
include more rules from elsewhere). (JimF)
* John now makes an attempt to suppress duplicate rules (handy along
with the ".include" feature). (JimF)
* More character encodings are now supported. The full list is: raw,
utf-8, iso-8859-1, iso-8859-7, iso-8859-15, koi8-r, cp437, cp737, cp850,
cp858, cp866, cp1251, cp1252, cp1253.
* Full encoding support for "single crack" mode, rules, and character
classes has been implemented. (JimF/magnum)
* Full encoding support for all formats, including md5_gen. (JimF/magnum)
* Some new character classes have been added. (JimF/magnum)
* Support for user-defined character classes has been added, along with
some samples in the default john.conf. (magnum)
* New rule reject flag "->N" (reject unless length N is supported by the
current hash/cipher type). (magnum)
* New Boolean options in john.conf: LogCrackedPasswords, AlwaysReportUTF8,
UnicodeStoreUTF8, CPstoreUTF8. (magnum)
* raw-md5-unicode has been replaced with faster 'thin' raw-md5u. (magnum)
* The generic crypt(3) module now recognizes some "subformats"
(md5/sha256/sha512), solely for benchmarking. (magnum)
* Wordlist mode is now much faster when using memory buffer and running
against a fast hash/cipher type. (JimF/magnum)
* Unicode DumbForce-like external mode samples have been added (Dumb16
and Dumb32). (magnum)
* Numerous bug, performance, and portability fixes (JimF/magnum/Solar)