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Hannibal Hacker leaks 1 Million American accounts in retaliation for #OpIsrael

While everyone busy with #OpIsrael hack,  the famous hacker from Israel with online handle "Hannibal" has claimed to have leaked 1,000,000 accounts belong to American in retaliation for anonymous operation called "#OpIsrael".

In a pastebin post, hackers sent a message to Anonymous hackers group who launched the #OpIsrael hack in support to Gaza from air strike attacks.

"Anonymous Group, Do you want to mess with me?Be careful of me.
I'll ruin your life if you continue I will post Personal information of Anonymous group members, I will send you to prison, I'll Fucl y0u tight." Hacker said in the message.

He has uploaded 26Mb RAR file in multiple file sharing site.  The extracted text file is 140Mb size which contains emails,password,userid, security questions, security answers.

After searching in Google ,we found a pastebin post titled "HANNIBAL Fraud". According to the post, the hacker Hannibal steal the dox collected by some other hacker.

A file called "EuroDB.txt" has been uploaded in a site "installgentoo[dot]net/~aaron/EuroDB.txt" on October 9th itself, before the major cyber attacks.