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PC World Philippines website hacked by Pinoy Vendetta

Users who try to access the PC World Philippines website have been invited with a pop up message "Security Breach".  The message followed by another pop up message "Hello Admin" and "Please Fix your System".

Following the pop-up messages, you will be redirected a page "" where it displays the "Pinoy Vendetta into your System.  Testing the Security".

Pinoy Vendetta is a Philippines hacktivists group which is reportedly created by two hackers named 'Hitman' and '4ntipatika' . 

At the end , the page displays the following message : "Sorry, You have been hacked by 4ntipatika". At the time of writing, we are still able to see the defaced page.

The news was first reported by local hacking news reporting site Pinoy Hack News.  However, the hackers didn't mention about the hack in their official facebook page.

#OpTurkey - Fox Turkey & VodaSoft hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous hacktivists continue their cyberattack against Turkey.  Today, they have breached Fox turkey and Vodasoft Call Center Solutions websites.

The security breach is part of the ongoing operation "#OpTurkey" which was kicked off in response to the government's violent attempt to suppress Turkish protests.

Unfortunately, the Government fails to know the violence against protesters will get the attention of Internet activists.

Hackers leaked more than thousands data from the Fox Turkey website( which contain ip address, email ids and name :

The Vodasoft's leak comprise of username, email address, name and password details :

Recently hacktivists breached the Prime minister website, Ministry of Interior and more Turkey websites as part of the operation.

#OpTurkey: Hacktivists hit Turkey with massive Cyber attack

Turkey suffers massive cyber attack after several hacktivists started to participate in the ongoing hacking operation against Turkey government.  "#OpTurkey",the operation was launched in retaliation to the violent police response against protesters.

A hacker group from Turkey named TurkHackTeam has claimed to have breached and Mufti COUNTY CERKES (

The group leaked some info from the server  :

Even Syrian Electronic Army who usually target western media participated in the operation and breached Turkish Prime Minister(PM) and Turkish Ministry of Interior websites.

 The group left a message on the defacement page: "Syria and Turkey are one. We salute Turkey's brave protesters"

United Nations , Wasatch and Wisconsin University data leaked by Nullcrew

The NullCrew hacktivist come with third zine as part of their operation called "Fu**TheSystem". Hackers claimed to have compromised data from the United Nations website(, Microsoft Partner Wasatch( and Wisconsin Universety.

"We here at NullCrew believe in non-censorship, and have noticed something. We have noticed that the government will never change their ways, they simply refuse to. No matter how much violence they cause, no matter how many times they refuse to admit their wrongs. No matter how many times they have denied documents for being factual. Even better, they REFUSE TO LET THEIR PEOPLE BE FREE! " The hacker said .

" America, you have been a primary target for activists, and hacktivists alike.

The true freedom fighters whom prove you wrong, you censor us; lock us away in prisons. You take away our freedom of speech, if the world relied on things such as free-source. The world would be a less corrupt place. Sadly, that won't happen anytime soon; as long as people from the system are greedy!"

The database leaked from UN contains username, passwords and IP addresses of users.

The Wasatch dump contains username, password and email address details. Wordpress users and Passwords were included. The dump also contains database details of Wisconsin University.

The leak:

Anonymous #AutumnStatement to the tax avoiding rich and corrupt politicians

The Anonymous hacktivists have hacked into a number of websites and defaced them with "Autumn statement" to the tax avoiding rich and corrupt politicians.

The list of hacked websites includes SABA Consulting( ,Maxwells Spanish Holiday Villas (, EF Medispa (, Arena Wealth(

"While the UK continues to demonise and punish the poor, the sick and the unemployed for the corruption of the financial and political systems, we would like to remind all of the British tax-avoiding Monaco dwellers, the super-rich and politicians that:

We are watching you.

You will be held accountable for your greed.

Expect Us." The defacement page reads.

At the time of writing , most of the sties still displays the defacement message. After few minutes, users are being redirected to The defaced page redirects to HM Revenue and Customs website(

CIA site take down by UGNazi Hackers group

Hackers part of UGNazi group launched DDOS attack against site , results in both websites are inaccessible now.

Initially ,some anonymous member take credit for the Cyber attack by tweeting "CIA Tango Down", but later it admitted UGNazi had instead brought down the site.

"since #anonymous tryed to take credit for tango down'in , we have stopped attack and oh look now its up! #UGNazi" UGNazi group tweet says.

Hackers again attacked the and bring down the site.  At the time writing, both is inaccessible.

@ThaCosmo, the member of UGNazi said the group has also compromised a notice sent out by the FBI Assistant Director in Charge Janice K. Fedarcyk to Field Offices.  They leaked the details in pastebin.

"all will be well aware of the brutality in individual privacy that will come after CISPA is implemented by the Government. And this is the exact reason for all these online protests that are on large today. We are fighting for the common people and to protect their privacy, to protect them from the prying eyes of the corrupt government." Hacker said.