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Hack Archive : List of Israeli websites hacked as part of operation #OpIsrael

At EHN , we have collected list of Israeli websites hacked as part of the operation called "#OpIsrael". 
Anonymous break into, a site for finding real estate in Israel, and leaked 2000+ username, email address, and plain-text password.  As usual, most of the passwords are 123456.
The data has been published in AnonPaste:

*Update* hacked and defaced with following message:
"People at the #Gaza. They might think they control u. But as u see, we control them. #WeAreLegion #Anonymous is watching ur back!"

List of high profile sites Hacked by Pakistani Hackers:

Israel Secret Intelligence Service hacked and data leaked by WikiBoatBrazil :

Confederation of Israeli Associations in Venezuela hacked and database leaked

165+ Hacked & Defaced sites
mail.axis-consultants.­­ || Fuck Sistem
www.דפוס-משי ||
45 sites hosted on IP Address

Hacked by Teamr00t:

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( )
Bank of Jerusalem database(

Mass defacement by Team MLA(Muslim Liberation Army):

Hacked by Troyan_Black
BAnk IS HAcker To by anonymous..

Israel Ministry of Justice Domain ( ddosed

Defaced by CapoO_TunisiAnoO:

DDos attacks:

official website of the President of the State of Israel( and hosting site are down

Defaced sites: | | | | / / / / / / / /

Defaced By bY #LaMiN3: hacked and database leaked by Anonymous. The leak contains username, hashed password and email address.

ig financial services defaced( )

Defaced by #Sund4nyM0uz

Hacked by Legatus Pilipinas

Other defaced sites:

Database leaked from The dump contains username, hashed password and email address.

50+ sites hacked by Mono_Ezpacial

The archive will be updated. Stay tuned. If you think i have missed some sites, please do inform us.

The archive of #Nov5 hack ,collected by #EHackingNews

"Remember Remember the Fifth of November"

November 5 hackers attack

Today, November 5, worldwide day of protests and cyber attacks against governments, banks and security firms has been launched by Hacker collective Anonymous to mark Guy Fawkes Day.

In E Hacking News , we have collected the list of hacked sites and provided us the archive of #Nov5 attack.  Here it goes,..

NBC and Lady Gaga hack:
Today morning, when i woke up, the first update i heard about the #Nov5 is NBC site defacement.  Multiple NBC sites defaced by hacker named 'pyknic'. Also he hacked the Lady Gaga website.

Australian sites hack:
Following that, we have come to know that various Australian websites has been defaced by Anonymous with a message.

LG Smart world hack:
A Hacker named as Ur0b0r0x has claimed to have breached the LG smart world official websites and leaked 12k user accounts.

Argentina Government Bank site defacement:
Anonymous defaced the Argentina government bank site. They've also mentioned the list of targets for the ddos attack in a paste.

Telecom Italy got hacked:
Anonymous hacks Telecom Italy and steals 30,000 credentials.  To demonstrate that they have accessed the data, they have leaked few passwords and Social Security Numbers.

Imageshack, Symantec hack:
The hacker group called as "Hack the planet(HTP)" has released a Zine which contains breached information on Imageshack and Symantec.   Report says, they've also hacked the Paypal.

 OSCE hack:
Anonymous has claimed a document dump on The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) "the world's largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization."

Turkey National Judicial Network #tangodown:
Anonymous Turkey has launched distributed denial of service(DDoS) attack and taken down the Turkey the National Judicial Network .

Ecuador government and Army sites hack:
The Hacker knonwn as LulzSec_Ecuador has breached various government and Army websites and defaced them..

Colombian government site Hack:
Colombian Hackers have hacked into to Official website of Governor of Vichada and other Colombian government sites and defaced them.

Other sites hacked:
  • The Military Jobs for Army Navy Air Force National Guard website is down(
  • has been defaced
  • site is down
  • Portal of the District Municipality of Pimentel( defaced
  • defaced

If you feel like we have missed some hacks, please feel free to comment or just post tweets by mentioning "@EHackerNews".