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Ghana under Cyber Attack : SG-SSB , Prudential Banks ,TV3 ,ISODEC haked

Hacker SEPO aka anon_4freedom hacked Ghana based website, he hacked site belong to SG-SSB ,Prudential Bank ,Regional Maritime University,Integrated Social Development Centre and TV3 station.

He dumped the database of hacked sites in pastebin.

The pastebin leak :

Hacked sites:
The bank SG-SSB( is a bank that is based in Ghana. The name “SG-SSB” stands for “Société Générale – Social Security Bank”; the bank is part of the Société Générale banking group. The bank is based in Accra and its stock is listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. It is a component of the GSE All-Share Index. According to its website it is the 4th largest bank in Ghana and has 38 branches in Ghana.

TV3 Network Limited(
 TV3 Ghana is a private, free-to-air television broadcaster in Ghana. Launched in 1997, TV3 Ghana airs and produces a variety of television programmes including acclaimed news bulletins, dramas and successful reality television and entertainment shows.

Prudential Bank Limited (PBL) (, commonly known as Prudential Bank, is a commercial bank in Ghana.

ISODEC( works in solidarity with those striving for social justice towards a life of dignity by promoting rights and accountability, but this is just on paper. The real what they do, is that they spent a lot of money for norhing usefull.

Regional Maritime University Ghana(

Office of Phillipines Vice President site Hacked by PrivateX Hacker group

Today , The first day of the 2012,The Hacker group "PrivateX" hacked and defaced the Office of the Vice President site(Phillipines Government Site).

They also hacked into  Philippine Nuclear Research Institute website and redirect the users to and and called for intensified information security in the country.

In Sunday evening's hack, the hackers embedded a video clip of a news item quoting Vice President Jejomar Binay's spokesman Joey Salgado as denying the OVP site had been hacked sometime last year.

At the time, Salgado was downplaying a hack of the OVP website, saying the OVP was merely transferring to a new host.

PrivateX assured that "nothing was lost during the process of this defacement."

Hacked sites:

The Full Message from defacement Page:
Greetings World, Happy New Year!
Months had passed when we first wired our sentiments and growing passion of concern to intensify the Information Security here in the Philippines. Occupants of the west are still on the move and in no such time, Manila, will be the center of unethical activities in Asia. For some reasons that is untold, they choose the Philippines to organize a legion
that will nullify the entire Philippine Cyberspace. This is what we are afraid of.

The medium of our emphasis in calling out the government's action toward cyber security, and our actions in which this defacement is performed. A change in our society pointing out the role to authorize each and every Filipino citizen through education that is recognizable by its function to contrive in the economy and innovating more concepts in Information Security.

We lay our hands on the fight against corruption and the call of the #InfoSec. In as much as we offer our wants to oversee every Filipino people have their knowledge to produce and live productively in which the people become other than themselves, and others may discover the Philippines that contain potentials other than it appears.

This is a Note of Understanding from the crew and its assurance that nothing was lost during the process of this defacement.

We are Anonymous,
We are legion, We don't forgive,
We don't forget, United as one, Divided by zero,
Expect us.

3rd time BSNL website Hacked by Pakistan Hackers

Again..again... and again.... BSNL website Hacked by Pakistan Hackers.  A Pakistani Hacker named as "Shadow008" hacked BSNL website as the result of CyberWar. I think this is 3rd or 4th time BSNL site hacked by Pakistan Hackers.

On October 2011, the BSNL site hacked by Pakistan Hacker named as "KhantastiC haX0r"

On July 2011, It was hacked by Pakistan Cyber Army.

Hacker Message on the Defacement page:
This is a Payback from Pak Cyber Army in return to the defacements of Pakistani websites !
You are playing with fire !. This is NOT a game kids
We are Warning you one last time, dont think that you are secure in this Cyber Space
We will turn your Cyber Space into HELL
And make sure that you have someone to Cry Over
Because we are going to literally throw you in the the deep sea
we will take Revenge ! if Any Pakistani Sites gets Hacked by Indians

White House Government Site vulnerable to Persistent XSS

The Security Researchers from Vulnerability-Lab, Alexander Fuchs (F0x23) & Benjamin Kunz Mejri (Rem0ve) discovered the Persistent XSS Vulnerability in Official website of White House(Government site).

This vulnerability allows attacker to inject malicious codes on web application. The successful exploitation of the vulnerability may results in hijacking of user,admin or backend sessions, manipulation of profile content,redirect to any malicious sites, defacement & can lead to malware infiltration via petition.

Vulnerability Details:
  • Vulnerability: XSS(Persistent)
  • Alert: Critical
  • Status: Fixed(Researcher said fixed on 2011-11-04,But still demo page is active).
  • Website:
  • Site Category: Government
Vulnerability Demo:!/petition/security/WxgwM7DS

XSS Report:

Backdoor R2D2 ~Government Trojan discovered by Chaos Computer Club

The Famous European hacker club, Chaos Computer Club(CCC) discovered the backdoor Trojan horse capable of spying on online activity and recording Skype internet calls which, it says, is used by the German police force.

For some years, German courts have allowed the police to deploy a Trojan known colloquially as "Bundestrojaner" ("State Trojan") to record Skype conversations, if they have legal permission for a wiretap.

But the CCC's claim is controversial, as the Trojan they have uncovered has more snooping capabilities than that. For instance, it includes functionality to download updates from the internet, to run code remotely and even to allow remote access to the computer - something specifically in violation of Germany's laws.

The malware has the following of functionality as per the Sophos's analysis:
* The Trojan can eavesdrop on several communication applications - including Skype, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.
* The Trojan can log keystrokes in Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and SeaMonkey.
* The Trojan can take JPEG screenshots of what appears on users' screens and record Skype audio calls.
* The Trojan attempts to communicate with a remote website.

A CCC spokesperson expressed the group's concern at the discovery:

"This refutes the claim that an effective separation of just wiretapping internet telephony and a full-blown trojan is possible in practice – or even desired. Our analysis revealed once again that law enforcement agencies will overstep their authority if not watched carefully. In this case functions clearly intended for breaking the law were implemented in this malware: they were meant for uploading and executing arbitrary code on the targeted system."

Was the Trojan horse really written by the German authorities?
We have no way of knowing if the Trojan was written by the German state - and so far, the German authorities aren't confirming any involvement.

The comments in the Trojan's binary code could just as easily be planted by someone mischievously wanting the Trojan to be misidentified as the infamous the Bundestrojaner.

What we can say is that the phrase "0zapftis" has raised some eyebrows amongst the German speakers at SophosLabs. It's a play on a Bavarian phrase "The barrel is open", said by the mayor of Munich when he opens the first barrel of beer at the Oktoberfest.

But there certainly have been claims of German state-sponsored cyber-spying in the past. For instance, in 2008, there were claims that the BND - Germany's foreign intelligence service - deployed spyware to monitor the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Afghanistan.

265+ Websites Of India Hacked By XtReMiSt

265+ Government, Organizations, Institutes, Local Bank & Important Sites Of India HACKED BY XtReMist.

The Hacker claimed that he hacked those sites for "TO Raise The Awareness About Illegal Occupation Of India in Kashmir..."

Few hacked sites:

The Full List is here:


Computer Tapes stolen~5 Million US Soldiers, Family Members Identity in risk

A computer Tapes contains the information about 5 Million Soldiers, Family Members were stolen from a car belonging to an employee of Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), a large military contractor that runs medical centers for soldiers and their families.

“The employee was responsible for transporting the tapes between federal facilities in San Antonio, Texas,” Vernon Guidry, a spokesman for SAIC.

The tapes contained the medical records of 4.9 million patients at hospitals and military clinics in the San Antonio are from 1992 through Sept. 2, 2011, as well as patients elsewhere whose lab work and pharmacy prescriptions were handled by San Antonio-area facilities, according to a written statement by Tricare, a Defense Department health care program.

Also included were patients’ addresses, phone numbers, lab tests, prescriptions and clinical notes. The tapes did not contain any financial information like bank account numbers.

To view the data, the thief would need have specific hardware and software, plus knowledge of the data system’s structure, making it unlikely that the information could be accessed or misused.

“There is no indication that the data has been accessed by unauthorized persons,” Tricare said in its statement.

Tricare plans to send letters to all the victims of the data breach over the next four to six weeks.

Thailand Prime Minister Twitter, Facebook accounts Hacked

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra's personal Twitter account was hacked yesterday in what officials said was possibly part of a conspiracy to embarrass the government.

The false tweets accused her of cronyism and various failures. The final post read: "If she can't even protect her own Twitter account, how can she protect the country?"

Authorities vowed to prosecute the guilty parties. Information and Communication Technology Minister Anudith Nakornthap said an investigation found the hacker used a prepaid phone card and an iPhone to access the accounts. He denied a report that an arrest was imminent, but said details from the investigation would be announced today.Ms. Yingluck won a clear victory in July, but is accused by her critics of being a puppet of her brother, former Premier Thaksin Shinawatra who was thrown out of office in a 2006 military coup.

5 Suspects arrested for hacking official website of Pakistan's Supreme Court ~ Zombie_Ksa

official website of Pakistan's Supreme Court hacked by Zombie_Ksa. The hacker left message to the Chief Justice of Pakistan.  He asked to help poor peoples. Also he asked PTA to BAN portn sites in Pakistan.

Hacked Site:-

Mirror Link:-

Hacker Message:
"...[!] Struck By Zombie_Ksa
The Notorious Zombie_Ksa is Back
You Must have Heard about me on, news, headlines, Gov. charges, blogs, blah blah
YES, Pakistan Supreme Court got STAMPED by Zombie_Ksa.
What i can see, I Guess, Supreme Court of Pakistan is in Wrong, Untalented Hands !!
Well Why Did I Choose Supreme Court of Pakistan for HaCkinG ?
Just tO Convey my Message tO Mr Chief So Called Justice Of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudry...
Mr Chief hello0 :D !! Hope So yO Enjoying your full time Luxurious Life.. :D aint u? O.o
So I am here tO request you to go 0ut there and help the poor,needy and hungry.
They Dont have money to Eat one time Meal
They dont Have Clothes to wear
They dont have Accommodation !!
Sitting 0n y0ur r0yal chair w0nt make any changes to 0ur Pakistan
Baby m here tO Tell this mofo World that We are Pakistan ....Not Pornistan... & Sir i need ur help.. Since u have powefull balls and i request you to take action to ban porn sites in Pakistan. Read it again I request you to BAN Pornographic sites in PAKISTAN... PTA is paid whore... they dont give a damn shit about our complains... They can BAN Porn sites... ANd if they dont WTF they are paid for? Mr CJ m again requesting you to take somoto action against PTA. If you dont then i myself will... I will Roast PTA's Asses like I raped FIA... & If they cant or they wont then InshALLAH I will raise the 1337 gr33n flag high and ll Hack PTA like i hacked bef0re =) ...
@Webmaster:Mr.Malik Sohail Ahmad The data is intact, no harm done. The index file is only replaced with this message.Well Dude You Don't Know Nothing !! Here in PAKISTAN who has Degree He Is Monster and you Idiot is Webmaster of Supreme Court of PAKISTAN ? Death to U !! Learn Some Serious Shit Insane !!>..
According to; until now Zombie_Ksa had carried out at least 169 defacements out of which 69 were single IP addresses and 100 were mass defacements. National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes (NR3C), National Productivity Organization (NPO), Pakistan Computer Bureau (PCB), Press Information Department (PID) as well as other Pakistan government and private websites were also being defaced by Zombie_Ksa.

The NR3C wing of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had caught five members of PAKBugs from Pakistan but this organization believes to be large in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Defaced page is fixed now. NR3C has arrested two boys Saim Ali Shah and Salal Ali Shah from Kohat who were believed to be involved in this case, also there seems a connection of these boys with the Pakistan Cyber Army and PAKBugs.

Official websites of 7 major Syrian city hacked by Anonymous for #OpSyria

Official websites of 7 major Syrian city hacked by Anonymous hackers as part of hacktivists Anonymous' Operation Syria ( #OpSyria ). Anonymous has replaced the home pages of official Syrian websites with an interactive map of Syria, showing the names, ages and date of deaths of victims of the Syrian regime since the protests started in March. They call it Martyrs of Freedom (March - October 2011). The figure 2,316 commemorates the number of Syrians killed by the Syrian regime since anti-Assad protests started in Syria in March. The victims' names, ages and dates of death appear as you hover over the map of Syria.

Hacked sites:

40 Chinese Government websites Hacked by Powerin10

A Hacker named as "Powerin10" targeted Chinese Government websites and defaced them. The hacker just upload the powerin10.html defacement file.

Some of Hacked site:

The full list is Here:

4 Indian Government Railway websites defaced by Pakistan Hackers

4 Indian Government Railway websites defaced by KhantastiC HaXor(Pakistan Hackers).  The hacker claimed that he hacked the indian government sites because indian hackers hacked their country sites.

Hacked Site:

Mirror :

4 Indian Government websites Hacked by HEX786 ,Pakistan Hacker

A Pakistan Hacker HEX786 hacked 4 Indian Government Websites and deface them. The Hacker claimed that ,this is revenge for hacking Pakistan Chief Minister website. On September 8th,he hacked 51 Indian websites to take revenge of hacking Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research Website

The List of Hacked Sites: