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Google Assistant Is All stacked Up With Loads Of New Features

Google Assistant is all up for going forward and acquiring the latest and to do that it’s absolutely set for providing its users with exceedingly awaited fresh features and integrations.

Some of these features have been on the demand list of Google Assistant’s users. Let’s check out what the fresh integrations and features are.

Interpreter Mode
Helping users to have a conversation in different languages is what Google home devices are all up for. The ‘Interpreter Mode’ will help translate in real-time and will narrate the entire translation out loud; in case of smart displays the text will also be shown on-screen.
Command: “Hey Google, be my Spanish interpreter”

Google Assistant Connect
This is an economic means and a manifesto for manufacturers so that they could add Google Assistant into their products. It is easily expandable to new devices by way of existing smart home platforms.
An e-link is provided which helps to display calendar and weather. The information is delivered via a smart speaker within the house.(already existing)

This program could be accessed by the manufacturers in late 2019.

Google Maps Integration
At last, Google Maps and Google Assistant are shaking hands. Users will now soon be able to convey their Map data such as their ETA to their friends.
Similarly, replying to text messages, adding new destinations, searching for new places on the route and so much more.
Google notes will also be synchronized with Google Assistant.

Flight Check-Ins
The most awaited feature is the flight check-in; via this inclusion, Google Assistant would help the users to easily check into their flights and access boarding passes.
Also the Assistant will send notifications regarding check-ins and other related stuff.
Command: “Hey Google, check into my flight.”

Newly Announced Devices
Google has made some really interesting announcements regarding the latest devices it’s about to launch pretty soon.
Brands like JBL, Anker, Whirlpool, and Verizon are employing Google Assistant in one way or another.
Sonos will also have Assistant pretty soon, especially Sonos Beam and Sonos One. The older models will have the Assistant via an update.
Smart displays, watches, cars and audio devices are a few on the list of devices which will have in a few weeks the Assistant’s assistance.