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Gmail Gears Up For Tougher Data Privacy Laws

Google's email service as it gets ready for tougher data privacy laws has now added the option to enable messages to become unreachable after a definite set time.

The new "confidential mode" can be utilized to stop recipients being readily able to forward, copy, download or print correspondence sent by means of Gmail.

BBC News reports that the new facilities are a part of a much pervasive overhaul of the cloud-based administration.Experts say that the options were "long past due" although should enable Google to persuade more organizations and businesses to join.

Chris Green, from tech consultancy Lewis says:

"Other platforms, like Microsoft Exchange, let you use plug-ins to do something similar. So this isn't anything unique. But none of the cloud-based mail services have offered these data protection features until now, so they are quite distinctive in that respect.”

Since screen grabs and photos of a computer display are as yet conceivable , the anti-copy functions though won't keep the determined users from replicating  messages – - yet they have planned to limit the risk of the confidential information being coincidentally passed on to the wrong party, which may constitute an information break or in other simpler terms , a data breach.

This move comes a month prior to another EU data privacy law - the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - comes into force.

It requires organisation to inform nearby information curators of a breach inside 72 hours of getting to be mindful, and expands the amount that they can be fined for non-conformity.

"The timing of this is not a coincidence," Mr Green adds later “A lot of this will be about ensuring that Gmail will continue to be a viable for enterprise users, as it will help them show they are GDPR-compliant.”