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United States Charged Six Russian Intelligence Officers with Involvement in An Unrestricted Huge Hacking Campaign


With involvement in an 'unrestricted huge hacking campaign', which incorporates the famous Petya ransomware attacks which have focused mainly on Ukraine in 2015, as of late, the Justice Department has charged six Russian intelligence officers. 

Residents and nationals of the Russian Federation (Russia)the six officials were also in Unit 74455 of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), a military intelligence agency of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.


The government claimed that the group that had attacked Ukraine has likewise hacked different computers promoting the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. It likewise hacked and leaked emails of people related to Emmanuel Macron's 2017 campaign for president of France. 

Besides this, they additionally focused on the companies exploring the poisoning of former Russian operative Sergei Skripal two years ago in Britain. 

All the six hackers are GRU officers; the government said that for over two years, they had battled tirelessly to recognize these Russian GRU Officials who interweaved in a global campaign of hacking, disruption, and destabilization, representing the most dangerous and destructive cyber-attacks ever.

The GRU burrowed into three electrical administration systems and cluttered circuit breakers remotely, it was one of the first cyber-attacks and had a cyber firm that consistently focused on critical infrastructure.

The authorities had at first scrutinized and reprimanded North Korea for the strike yet later found that the GRU utilized North Korean hacking tools to throw off the experts. 

That is the motivation behind why the special agent of FBI Michael Christman insisted that the warrant is the result of over two years of strong investigation by the FBI, a position that was kept up by an agent who worked the case.

Here are the names and the acts done by the hackers referenced below: -


The FBI has regularly indicated that Russia is very equipped for a cybersecurity adversary, and the information uncovered in this statement shows how omnipresent and harming Russia's cyber activities are. 

While Russia is probably not going to capture the detainees, it is unlikely that they will attain any trial too.

Secondary Infektion: A Russian Disinformation Operation Agency You Need to Know About

The secret campaign was famous as "Secondary Infektion," and it worked separately from the IRA and GRU, staying hidden for many years. The IRA (Internet Research Agency) is known for its notorious disinformation campaigns, where it floods the social media platforms with false information and propaganda. Whereas the GRU, also known as the Main Intelligence Directorate in Russia, is infamous for planning cyberattacks and even strategic data leaks. But in recent times in Russia, it is suspected that there might be a third intelligence agency responsible for such cyberattacks and was able to penetrate even more in-depth. It is believed that this third party that worked distinctly from the former two managed to stay undercover for a long time in Russia and only recently came to public knowledge. Here's what we know.

Known as Secondary Infektion, cybersecurity experts found about the operation in 2019. As of now, a social media analyst firm named Graphika published a report on the intelligence group's activities, which seemed to have started in 2014. According to the report's analysis, this group is known to cover its tracks, and all Secondary Infektion operations online are protected by robust security, which uses hallmark accounts that disappear soon after publishing a comment or a post on social media.

"Secondary Infektion targeted countries across Europe and North America with fake stories and forged documents. Its focus and areas of interest were often of a diplomatic and foreign policy nature: it appeared primarily aimed at provoking tensions between Russia's perceived enemies, and its stories typically concerned relationships between governments and often specifically focused on government representatives. It is also notable for launching smear campaigns against Kremlin critics and for targeting presidential candidates in 2016 in the U.S., in 2017 in France, in Germany, Sweden, and elsewhere," says Graphika's executive summary.

Hence, Secondary Infektion's operations are quite the opposite of the IRA and GRU's way of working. The IRA and GRU believe in building an online presence and increase their reach that is aimed to leave a long-lasting impression, through their disinformation campaigns.